Bubbles Boomer Blossom and Buttercup at the park
Narrator: Last time...
Bubbles: *crying*
*Blossom flies in*
Boomer: BUBBLES! *Whispers to himself* THANK YOU!
Blossom: Just as I thought!!!
Narrtor: If you want to find out the rest you're going to have to press something that says "Bubbles and Boomer 1" Let's go on to see what happens.
Bubbles: Thanks Boomer!
Boomer: Your welcome. Shall we?
Bubbles: Yes.
*Those two go rollar skating*
Buttercup: What do we do?
Blossom: There's only one thing we can do! C'mon!
*Buttercup goes with Blossom*
Narrator: Later.
Bubbles: That was fun! Let's go again sometime.
Boomer: yeah how about Saturday?
Bubbles: Okay!
Boomer: See you then. Bye.
Bubbles: WAIT!
Boomer: What?
Bubbles: Walk me home?
Boomer: Sure.
*They arrive*
Bubbles: Bye.
Boomer: Bye.
*Bubbles goes inside*
*Boomer walks a couple steps* *Professor jumps out with a shock net*
Professor: Gotcha!
Boomer: HUH?
*Professor scoops Boomer in the net*
professor: Don't hurt little Bubbles!!!!!!!!
Boomer: What are you talking about?!?!?! we had a great time today.
Professor: Oh really? Let's see what you think about this!
*Professor turns the shock net up to 12 It's highest level P.S. That level was called Unconcuis level. Didn't want the person to die.*
(In huge pain)
Bubbles: What's going on out her- *GASPS* Professor stop it!
Professor: He was trying to hurt you!
Bubbles: NOT!!!!!!
Professor: That's what these two said.
Bubbles: *Gasps again* BLOSSOM!!!! BUTTERCUP!!!!!! YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO DO THAT!!!!
Buttercup: They did try to destroy us once!
Bubbles: When Boomer was flying away I heard him say, 'I knew we should not have tried to hurt them but did they listen? NO!!!!!' How do you explain that????????
Blossom: I don't know.
Bubbles: EXACTLY!!!!! *Turns off the shock net*
Bubbles: LEAVE! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blossom: OKAY, OKAY!!!!!!
*everybody leaves except Bubbles*
Bubbles: Boomer! You okay?
*Boomer dosen't say anything*
Bubbles: Speak to me!!!!!!! *eyes fill with tears* *cries*
Bubbles really sad Boomer is gone
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