Bubbles really sad Boomer is gone
*tear hits Boomer on the forehead**Boomer starts to wake up*
Boomer: Huh? What?
*Bubbles opens her eyes*
*Boomer Sits up*
Boomer: What are you talking about?
Bubbles: I'll tell you when we get inside.
*Both walk inside*
Bubbles: I need to talk to somebody. You can go upstairs and wait for me. Okay?
Boomer: K.
*Boomer goes upstairs and waits for Bubbles in her room*
Bubbles: Okay. Who's idea was it to spy on me?
Buttercup: It was her!
*points at Blossom*
*says angrliy and sarcasticly*
Blossom: Thanks for letting me off the hook.
Buttercup: Oh don't mention it!
*Buttercup leaves right away*
Bubbles: Oh, Your not off the hook yet.
Blossom: What about the professor? He's the one who hurt Boomer.
Bubbles: That would not have happened if you or Buttercup told the professor, know would it.
Blossom: No. But it's not our fault! We didn't know he wasn't really pretending!!!!!!
Bubbles: True. Fine you're off the hook for telling me the truth, Let's see what Buttercup says after I talk to Boomer.
*Bubbles goes upstairs to her room*
Bubbles: Here's the story...
Narrator: Later...
Boomer: Ohh!!! So that's what happened!!!!
Bubbles: Uh huh!
*Bubbles nods head*
Bubbles: I'll see you saturday then?
Boomer: Yep!
Bubbles: See you!!!!!
*Bubbles shuts door**Bubbles then looks for Buttercup*
Bubbles: BUTTERCUP!!!!!! YOU'RE NOT OFF THE HOOK YET!!!!!!!!!!!
*Bubbles finds Buttercup hiding*
Bubbles: What's your story?
Buttercup: Well...
Narrator: After that...
Bubbles: Fine you're both off the hook. Time to talk to the professor.
*Bubbles goes downstairs and finds the professor*
Bubbles: Hi professor!!!
Professor: Sorry Bubbles! I'm busy!
Bubbles: What playing a computer game?
Professor: No important work.
Bubbles: Looks like a computer game to me.
Professor: I'm studying something about video games.
Bubbles: Oh yeah! What's that?
Professor: How fun they are!!!!
Bubbles: Oh. Do you have time to answer a few questions?
Professor: Yes Bubbles?
Bubbles: Why'd you shock Boomer?
Professor: Well Blossom and Buttercup said you were in trouble by going out with him and they told me to bring out the shock net.
Bubbles: Well, one more question, What's your story behind this?
Professor: Well, my story is...
Narrator: After that...
Bubbles: Hmmmm..... Well, You're off the hook! I can't stay mad at someone!
Professor: Thanks Bubbles. I need to get back to my research on video games now bye!
Bubbles: BYE!!!!!!! BTW what day is it today?
Professor: Saturday.
Bubbles: Ohhh!!!! okay!!! goodnight!
Professor: Goodnight!
*Bubbles then went upstairs and into bed**dream over*
Buttercup: Bubbles!!!! Wake up!!!!!
Bubbles:Uhhh.. Morning already?
Blossom: Yes wake up!
Bubbles: Awwww.... Five more minutes?
Blossom: Fine! Today is Saturday.
Buttercup: But, She does have that date with Boomer.
*Bubbles opens her eyes seeming like she's wide awake**Bubbles sits up*
Blossom: Oh you're awake? Thought you said five minutes.
Bubbles: Changed my mind. Please go out of this room.
Blossom: Okay.
*Blossom and Buttercup step out of the room**they close the door*
Bubbles: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! MY HAIRS A MESS!!! AND I'M NOT DRESSED! I LOOK HORRIBLE!!!!! I CAN'T GO TO MY DATE LIKE THIS!!!!! In fact I can't even leave my room like this!!!!!!!!
*Bubbles quickly dresses in her finest dress and got her hair brushed really well**She got her rollarskates and flew out the door of her bedroom door quickly ate and left as soon as it was time**Bubbles thinks*
Bubbles: This is just like in my dream! It's Saturday,I'm going out with Boomer today, Oh well!
Narrator: An hour later...
Bubbles: An hour.
Blossom: WHOA!!! THAT LONG????
*Bubbles nods**sighs*
Bubbles: He's never going to show up!
Narrator: You know what happens next..._
Bubbles: WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!! THIS IS MY DREAM!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Narrator: Okay. She figured it out hope you enjoyed! BYE!!!!!!!!
Rest of cast: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone saying bye at the end of a great story. The End!