*they all start fighting and the girls win.Then the boys go flying home*
Narrator:The City of Townsville.
Brick:Come on boys!!Lets get these sissy girls already!!
Boomer:What move r we going to do?
Brick:How about I laser bem Blossom,you can use ur lighting power on Bubbles,and Butch can use his force field and bounce Buttercup and then bem her.
Butch:*Saying highperly*Can't wait to finally beat these sissy girls!!!
Boomer:When do we charge,Brick?
Brick:Wait till they start coming.
Bubbles:What is your plan Blossom to once again beat the boys?
Blossom:I don't think we need a plan for them Bubbles.
Buttercup:*Says excitedly*When r we going to kick some butt or what!?!?!?!
Blossom:They r waiting for us to come so lets go girls!
Girls:*Flying toward the boys*
Brick:*Yells*NOW BOYS!!
*they all start fighting and the girls win.Then the boys go flying home*
Brick:*Says angrily*I CAN'T BELIEVE WE LOST AGAIN!
Butch:When r WE going to ever tell them what we think about them?
Brick:Trust me,bro.I really want to tell them that we like them but them we have to turn good.
Boomer:We don't HAVE to.They won't care how we r.
Butch:Maybe or they will.
Boomer:Wish there was a way to know.
Mojo:*Comes in*Oh boys!Can u three go to town?Some villians want to talk to u.
Brick:Fine dad.Come on boys.
*They all go to town*
Brick:Nobody is here.
Ace:There u three r.
Butch:Sup green skin.
Ace:Quiet.Anyway,we need u three to clean the building for us and u three will be real villians.
Butch:HA!No way we r that stupid green skin.
Brick:Butch lets just do it.Mojo will be bugging us about it when we get home anyways.
*They start cleaning and Boomer srubs to hard*
Boomer:*Hes hands get threw the glass*HELP!!!
Brick:GET HIM OUT!!!
*They get Boomer out*
Boomer:I thought u guys wanted me to get hurt or to die?
Brick:What would make u think that?
Boomer:How u treat me.
Butch:Bro,that is what brothers do stupid.
Boomer:Ok...stupid. >:D
Brick:What the heck even happened here?
(In Viletown)
Blake:What the heck even happened here?
*Both Brick and Blake look at each other threw the glass.Then they make faces at each other*
Blake&Brick:I wonder y u went threw the glass?It's perfectily fine.EXCEPT!Why is my-
Brick:*say at the same time*hat a bandana in the glass?
Blake:*Say at the same time*bandana a hat in the glass?
*Boomer and Bash both come over where Blake and Brick is*
Boomer&Bash:Why is my-
Boomer:*Say at the same time*hair like over in a little circle thing?
Bash:*Say at the same time*hair like straight down with little cutes?
*Butch and Breaker both come over where Blake,Brick,Bash,and Boomer*
Butch:*Say at the same time*DOWN LIKE AN IDOIT!?!?!
Breaker:*Say at the same time*UP LIKE AN IDOIT!?!?!
*All boys*:Hmm?
2 be continued...
*All boys*:Hmm?