Buttercup I'll be fine...
NARRATOR: My oh my! I hope Butch will be okay!

BUTTERCUP: Guys! Fallow me!

BLOSSOM: C'mon Bubbles!

BUBBLES: Sure sure!

(They run till they find Butch struggling to get up.)


BUTCH: Buttercup....help!

BUTTERCUP: Butch! You'll be okay! Blossom! How do we get him back to the house! Where are you're brothers? They're not helping?!

BUTCH: Buttercup, they got adopted at the pound!

BUBBLES: Boomer no!

BLOSSOM: Brick did too?!

BUTCH: Yup. I hope they'll be okay...

BUTTERCUP: They will! Don't you worry! Just please, stay. Don't leave me!

BUTCH: Buttercup, I'm not sure if I'm gonna stay or leave. I'm not the one who controls death.

BUTTERCUP*crying*: Butch don't say that! You're scaring me!

(Blossom and Buttercup were gone for this whole conversation looking for something to carry Butch in.)

BUTTERCUP: Are you going to be okay?

BUTCH: I-I think so.

BUTTERCUP*whispering*: Please, oh please just stay a little longer...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

BLOSSOM: Bubbles have you found anything?


BLOSSOM: Keep looking!

BUBBLES: Did I say I was giving up?

BLOSSOM: No, just keep looking!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Brick is at the new house, and as soon as the people bring him into the backyard for the first time, he acts nice.)

BRICK: Okay, when they go inside, I'll try to find away out of here!

GIRL: I love you Ginger!


GIRL: Mommy! The dog talks!!!

MOM: Nonsense sweety, dogs can't talk.

DAD: Yeah, dogs can't talk.

BROTHER: There must be somethin' wrong with you sis! Everyone knows dogs can't talk!

BRICK: He's right dogs can't talk. But a HUMAN can!


GIRL: Told you.

BRICK: I'm no dog! I was a human transformed into a dog! And by the way, my names Brick!

GIRL: Yeah right!

BRICK: No, it's true! Have you ever seen a dog with big red eyes and talks?

GIRL: No, but I've seen a Rowdyruff Boy like that-
you're one of the Rowdyruff Boys!

BRICK: No duh!

PLEASE NOTE: Something messed up with the colors, so the sky is suppossed to be BLUE.