Yup, dat bee dem!
Okay everyone, these are their kids! I got this from cartoonetwork.com 3 years ago, and I had it saved on my computer, so these are NOT made up. All the other ones like Kitten and all that crap, not real. No offense Kitten and the others. But cartoonetwork posted this stuff,So this is an article about what it said. I painted the picture though.

Okay, Blossom and Brick's kids are simple to explain: Blake is first. Blake: He is a hyper loud-mouth, who likes to play LOTS of video games, and be really rowdy, like his dad. His signiture color is orange. His favorite cousin is Billy, who I will explain soon. He ties to keep his favorites a secret. 2nd, is Blazey. She is a funny little 5-year-old. She loves to have fun and play games. Her and Butterscotch are best cousins. Yes, I will explain Butterscotch soon, like her brother Billy.
Blazey enjoys teasing and taunting her brother, why he want's to hurt her every time. But, he is always stoped by his mom or dad.Her signiture color is red. Blossom had them at 24. The kids are 5.

Next, we have Buttercup and Butch's kids. First, I will tell you about Billy. Billy: He has his dad's spikey hair, but not as spikey. He tends to play football ALOT. He sometimes plays it in the house with his sisters, and ends up breaking something. Billy is really wild, like his dad, but has his moms light-green color and smart attitude.He also loves hanging out with Blake. Butterscotch: She is a fast, mean little 7-year old. She sometimes is more mean than nice. She only likes to tease her brother, and sometimes cousins. But sometimes she gets in trouble. SOMETIMES.Her signiture color is dark green. Now, Blitzy. She has sea green eyes, and wears a sea green dress. You can guess that's her signiture color. She is a fun, little inthusiastic 3 year old. Buttercup had Butterscotch and Billy at 22, and Blitzy at 25.

Last, I will tell you about Bubbles and Boomer's kids. First, Bella. Bella is a sky blue 3 year old, and loves to play. She tends to brag about herself, but who wouldn't if they had Bubbles beauty? :) Bella loves to play with Blitzy, because of their age and playfulness. Bella is very fond of her little brother, and brings him where he want's. (If she's allowed.) Bella is someone I would want to be around! But that's my opinion. Bryce: He is an impatient little 1 year old, and is very fond of his older sister, as how she is fond of him. Bryce likes to hang around the older boys, but backs off when they start playing rough games, like wrestling or something. His signiture color is midnight blue. (Thats darker than Boomer's.) Bella was born when Bubbles was 25, and when Bryce was born, she was 29.

I hope you enjoyed some facts! Please leve nice comments.
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