Bella and Bryce
NARRATOR: I wonder what Bubbles is up to?

BUBBLES: Do I have kids?

(A little girl tuggs on her pant leg.)

??????: Mommy, have you seen Bryce?


??????: Bryce.

BUBBLES*thinking*: I'm guesing my son. And this is my daughter.

BRYCE: Bella I here.

BELLA: There he is! How come 1 year old babies are always getting lost?

BRYCE: You 3.

BELLA: I know.

(Boomer comes around the corner. He sees Bubbles and she sees him.)

BUBBLES: Boomer?

BOOMER: Bubbles?

BELLA: Hi daddy!

BOOMER: Uh, hi.

BUBBLES*whispering*: Bella!

BOOMER: Bella.

BELLA: I found Bryce.

BOOMER: Okay...

(Bryce flies up and pounces on Boomer, causing Boomer to fall down.)

BOOMER: Jeeze Bryce! A little rough, don't ya' think?

(Bryce giggles. So does Bubbles. Boomer starts to laugh too.)

BELLA: I think Bryce is hyper!

BOOMER*joking*: Ya' think?

BUBBLES*giggling*: Wow Boomer!

BOOMER: Yeah, I think he has ALOT of energy!

BUBBLES*sarcasticly*: No, really?

BOOMER: Are you being sarcastic?

BUBBLES: What do you think?


(Bryce gets off Boomer and goes into his room.He comes out with a stuffed giraffe.)

BUBBLES: I guess that giraffe is just like Octie.

BOOMER: Octie?

BUBBLES: Yeah, when I was little I had this stuffed octipuss. That I LOVED.

BELLA: You mean just like my stuffed kitty Mittens?

BUBBLES: Yeah I guess.

(Night time comes, and everyone is asleep. Bubbles here's crying from Bryce's room. She gets up to see whats going on.)

BUBBLES*whispering*: Bryce?

BRYCE*crying*: Mommy I haz nightmare!

BUBBLES: It's okay. I'm here now.

(She picked up Bryce and sat on his bed. She started to sing a luliby.)

BUBBLES*singing a luliby*: High rise, veins of the avenue. Bright eyes and variations of blue. Everywhere is balanced there, like a rainbow above you. Street lights glisten on the boulevard, and cold nights make staying awake so hard...for sake, I'll stay awake, so I can get you asleep...Clearly I'm a passerby, but I'll find a place to stay...Dear pacific day, won't you take me away? Small town, hearts of the New Year. Brought down by gravity crystal clear. City fog, and brave dialogue converge on the frontier. Make haste, I feel you're heartbeat. Cheer up, and dry you're damp eyes, and tell me when it rains. And I'll blend up that rainbow above you, and put it through you're veins........

(Bryce fell asleep.Bubbles put him back in his bed, and went back to hers.The morning came a few hours later.Bella was the first one up.)

BELLA: Mommy! Wake up! It's snowing!!!!

BUBBLES: Ugh....what day is it?

BELLA: It's December 14!


BELLA: Can me and Bryce go play in the snow? Pleeeeeeeasssseeee? We'll put something warm on!

BUBBLES: Yeah, but watch you're brother.

BELLA: Okay! C'mon Bryce!!

(Bella leaves out the room.)

BUBBLES: I'm tired!

(Bubbles goes back to sleep.)

NARRATOR: Well it looks like Bubbles life is turning out well.
Them and their stuffed animals