Narrator: The City Of Townsville! Where the Powerpuff Girls are all grown up now but sadly the Rowdyruff boys got destroyed… but the Powerpuff girls have children of their own! Let’s see what they’re doing…

Bolt: But mom school is so…Boring!

(Bolt is Buttercups son he has Black and green hair.)

Buttercup: I know you think school is boring but I think you’ll like this school they have sports and stuff.

Bolt: okay…

(He Flys off to school now let’s see what Blossom and her daughter is doing)

Blossom: Bloom come on get up you’re already late for school!

Bloom: Okay mom (yawns and gets out of bed, finally she’s ready for school and Flys there)

(Then we go to Bubbles and her daughter Blitz)

Bubbles: Come on Blitz you have to go to school now! You don’t want to get yelled at by your teacher, would you?

Blitz: No… I can’t believe it’s already the first day of school!

(She flys there and meets her cousins Bloom and Bolt)

Blitz: Hi guys!

Bloom: Hi!

Bolt: Hi!

(Blitz looks over and some kids are coming over to them)

Blitz: Hi! What’s your name? My name’s Blitz and they are my 2 cousins Bolt and Bloom!

Bolt: what’s up?

Bloom: Hi!

1st Girl: Uh yeah, you see we don’t appreciate new super powered kids in OUR school.

Bolt: YOUR school?

2nd Girl: Yeah we are the most popular kids in school so back off losers!

Bolt: LOSERS? Why I outta- (Puts hand out to punch her but Bloom stops him)

Bloom: Uh Bolt let’s try not to get upset on the first day here.

Blitz: Or get into a fight. Who are you guys anyway?

2nd Girl: I’m Mayhem!

3rd Girl: I’m Mischief!

1st Girl: And I’m Mystery and we are….

The Girls: The Powerpunk Kids!

Bloom, Blitz, and Bolt: (Gasp) THE POWERPUNK KIDS!?

Mystery: Yeah, So? You heard about us?

Bloom: Yeah-

Blitz: You guys are evil!

(Sarcastically) Bolt: No really. What ever gave you that idea?

Blitz: Well let’s see-

Bolt: I was being SARCSTIC!

(As they’re walking away)

Mystery: Whatever Losers!

Mischief: We’re out of here!

(Mayhem kicks Blitz)

Blitz: Ow!

Bolt: Okay that’s it!

Bloom: Bolt no!

(He flys full speed at Mayhem and tackles her. But she quickly takes control and starts beating him up)

Bolt: Get off me!

Mayhem: You see unlike you I’ve have lots of practice!

Bloom: Come on Blitz we got to help him!

Blitz: okay!

(Then they start to help Bolt and soon Mayhems’ sisters join in and start to over power Bolt, Bloom, and Blitz. The teacher comes out and stops the fight.)

Teacher: What’s going on here?!

(They all start talking at once)

Teacher: One at a time! Mayhem you start.

(She starts to fake cry and is talking through her tears)

Mayhem: It was horrible I was minding my own business when Bolt attacked me and it really hurt....And he was calling me bad names and…and I had to use self defense and-I just… just… WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Bolt: She’s lying I never said any bad names to her EVER in fact I’ve never even met her until today!

Teacher: Quiet! Now Mischief what do you have to say to this?

Mischief: Well I was just minding my own business too when I saw him attack her! I and Mystery tried to split them up when those other two jumped in and attacked us and Mayhem!

Teacher: Bolt, Bloom, and Blitz I’ll have to call your parents you are suspended.

Bloom: But they’re lying they were calling us losers and it got Bolt upset and-

Teacher: you are suspended so I don’t want to hear anymore nonsense!

Bolt, Bloom and Blitz: (Sigh)

(The Teacher goes back into the school)

Mystery: (Evil laugh) (Sarcastically) Sorry you BABIES got tricked by us...

Mischief: And you guys are the Powerpuff Girls kids ha ha ha!

Mystery: And you’ll never be like them if you’re such wimps and can’t fight!


Bloom: Bolt stop! You don’t want to get in more trouble with our parents do you?

Blitz: And get grounded for the first time.

Bolt: (Sigh) Sorry…

(The Powerpunk Kids go into the school. Then Bolt, Blitz and Blooms parents come.)

Blossom: Bloom, Bolt, Blitz what happened?

Bloom: The Powerpunk Kids out smarted us!

Bolt: And gave me a black eye…

Blitz: And beat us up…

Powerpuff Girls: THE POWERPUNK KIDS!?

Kids: Yes…

Blossom: Come on let’s go home and you can tell us more about what happened.

Kids: Okay...

(They arrive home)

Buttercup: Okay, what happened?

Bloom: Okay we were talking to each other when they came over and started teasing us.

Bolt: Yeah and they’re just like-

(Hotline Beeps)

Blossom: Well tell us when we get home, okay?

Bolt: Hey can I help mom?

Buttercup: No honey it’s too dangerous for you kids!

Bolt: Oh wow you never let us-

Bubbles: We don’t have time to talk we’ll talk when we get home!

Kids: (Sigh)

(The kids go to their room)