It was a quiet, sunny day in Townsville and blossom Utonium was resting near the lake unaware of the three boys watching her

Brick, Butch, and Boomer the Rowdyruff Boys were watching the young hero

"I'm tired of hiding why cant we just go attack her?" asked Boomer

"Shhh do you want her to hear us?" said an annoyed Butch

"Ok lets just do this" Brick said looking at Blossom who was still sitting next to the lake looking at her reflection

"Butch your in charge of making the distraction, Boomer make sure her sisters don't show up"

"Why do I have to get stuck with that job" Boomer whined

"Because I said so" Brick semi-yelled

While his brothers argued, Butch snuck up behind the red haired heroine

"Its time to start the plan!" Brick yelled after noticing what Butch was doing

Boomer, startled from Brick's yelling, ran out of his hiding place and accidentally knocked Butch into the lake

"Dude!!!" Butch shouted

Blossom turned around and gasped when she saw the last thing she expected to see, the Rowdyruff Boys

"I can't believe you guys messed up such a simple plan!!" Brick yelled as he came from his hiding spot

"It wasn't my fault blame our idiot brother!" Butch yelled as he pointed at Boomer

"I only knocked you down because Brick startled me!" Boomer argued with Butch

Blossom could only watch in confusion 'what are the rowdy ruff boys doing here?' she thought 'what ever they're doing cant be good' her thoughts were interrupted when Butch pushed Boomer into her knocking her down

"you always ruin our plans I don't know why you're even our brother!!" Butch yelled before he flew away leaving nothing but a trail of green

"I don't ruin our plans the plans just suck!!" Boomer yelled as he flew after his brother

Blossom had already stood up and was watching the blue and green streaks until they were out of sight

"Sometimes i wonder why i even bother trying to destroy you" Brick said getting Blossom's attention "I may have moments when i come close but it always ends the same way, with me being defeated or retreating"

All Blossom could do was stare at her counterpart as he continued to speak "sometimes i think its my brother's fault, but it cant be there has to be mine I'm the leader so I'm responsible for all of our failures"

"It isn't your fault" blossom said not knowing why she did, he was a villain she should be glad he blames himself for his failure but for some reason...she didn't

"Of course its my fault I'm the leader" Brick said looking blossom straight in the eye

For some reason she couldn't look him in the eye at that moment she just looked down at the grass Brick noticed this and asked "why are you looking at the ground?"

Honestly she didn't know. Normally she could look at him easily and even tried to avoid looking away from him but she just couldn't look at him

"well?" Brick said waiting for an answer

"well I um...its...I..." she didn't know what to tell him but she had to say something

"You what?" Brick said raising an eyebrow

She just kept quiet there was nothing she could say to him

Brick looked at her in confusion for a second before he smirked and walked right up to her

Blossom looked at him "w-what are you doing?"

"What's wrong are you scared?" Brick moved in closer

"m-me? Scared? No way" Brick could tell by the sound of her voice that she really was scared and he liked it. he loved to make the people he hated fear him its one of the things him and his brothers had in common even Boomer

"You sound like you are" Brick said teasing her

"No I'm n-not" she didn't like the way he was looking at her. he had that same smirk he always has when he's happy but there was something about it that was different, she didn't know what it was

He chuckled "I always knew you were a sissy but i never thought you could be afraid of a guy like me" before she knew it he grabbed her upper arms and leaned so he was at eye level with her. she almost gasped when she realized what he had did

"I thought i was the last person you would ever fear" he spoke in a soft but menacing voice

She looked into his eyes for a moment then blushed and looked away 'what's happening? Why do I feel like this?' thousands of questions were filling her mind. all of her questions subsided when Brick brought his hand up to her cheek and made her look at him

"it isn't like you to be so afraid of me" he was still looking her in the eye

Everything was so confusing to her she didn't know why Brick was doing this or why she felt so strange about it. 'why is all of this happening? Why can't I move or talk? Why why WHY?!' her thoughts were interrupted again when Brick brought his arms around her and held her close to him

She couldn't believe it. Brick was actually hugging her. she was too shocked to do anything, but just when she thought it couldn't get any stranger she felt his lips come crashing onto hers

Her eyes were open wide. The whole thing was just unbelievable. Without thinking her arms shot up and wrapped around his neck pulling him deeper into the kiss

Brick pushed her against a nearby tree and continued to kiss her

it lasted for two minutes before Brick pulled away and looked at her. She just looked back

Brick now had a surprised expression on his face "I um....I have to go!" he flew away as fast as he could

Blossom watched as his red streak disappeared out of sight. All of her questions were answered with that kiss. He loved her...and she loved him.She collapsed into a sit, and started to think. 'Why did he do that? Why did I do it back? Do I love him? Yes. Yes I do!'

"Why did....i like it?" She asked herself. "I....want him to do it again!" She said burring her face in her hands.She just thought about what had happend for a minute, then she reminded herself of what she was doing early that afternoon.But she couldn't stop thinking about brick.


"What did i do that for?" Brick asked himself."I don't know what came over me! i-i-i want to...."
He stop talking to himself, and started thinking. Thinking of what he did.thinking of what she did, too.He had never of thought of loving her, after all, he was built to destroy her.


Aaw, it's love in the sunset.