NARRATOR:The city of Townsville is having a peaceful day....... lets see what the ppg are doing.

BUBBLES:Hey Bell, would you like to play?

BELL:Sorry, I was just going to play with Buttercup.

(Bell leaves)

BUBBLES:All Bell wants to do is play with Buttercup.

BLOSSOM:Haven't I told you that Bell is a tomboy.

BUBBLES:Yea but she never plays with me.

BLOSSOM:Do tomboys play with dolls?


BLOSSOM:That's why she never plays with you.

BUBBLES:Yea ummmmm..... I am going outside for some fresh air.

(Bubbles went outside to where Buttercup and Bell are)

BUTTERCUP:I'm thirsty. I'm going to get a drink.


BUBBLES:What are you doing?

BELL:Just playing Basketball.

BUBBLES:Stop being a tomboy!

BELL:I am not a tomboy!

BUBBLES:You so are!

BELL:I am not!

BUBBLES:You never had a boy love you!


BUBBLES:Sorry Bel....Really Bel..... I'M SORRY BELL!

BELL:Go away Bubbles, you really hit me.

BUBBLES:Bye Bell......

(Bubbles went back to the house)

BUTTERCUP:Sorry it took me so long. Want to shoot more hoops?

BELL:No, I just want to be alone.

BUTTERCUP:K *Thinking* Whats up with her?

(Bell went to the house)

BELL:*Thinking* Maybe Bubbles is right, I am a tomboy. I need to change.

BLOSSOM:There you are, I was looking for you.

BELL:What do you want Blossom?

BLOSSOM:Ummm see you later.


(Bell flies off to her room)

BELL:How do I be a girl...... maybe I need to dress like a girl. Yea, that's what I need to do.

(Bell changes into a white dress and a white jacket. She also gets a head band.)

BELL:That should do it!

BUTTERCUP:What should do what? Holy crap! What did you do Bell!

BELL:I changed.


(Buttercup flies really fast out the room)

BELL:Maybe it takes some time for people to get used to my new look. Now all I have to do is be really nice. I will show the RRB my look first.

(Bell flies to the RRB house and knocks on the door witch falls)


BUTCH:It dose that all the time, hey.... WTF!

BELL:Do you like my new look Butch?

BUTCH:*Thinking* WOA! Bell is HOT!

BELL:Butch? U ok?

BUTCH:Hubba lunn aaa wa.....

BRICK:Get out of the way Butch! Hey Bell nice look!

BELL:*Blushes* Thanx Brick.

BRICK:U know you look cute when you blush.


BRICK:Yea......*thinking* I will NOT dump Blossom and hook up with Bell.

BELL:Can I come in?

BRICK:Be my guest.

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