The bright morning sun poured through the window awaking Sherlock slowly from a deep slumber. She yawned and slowly opened her eyes groaning as she saw the time on her alarm clock.
“10 am? That’s far too early.” She mumbled pulling the covers back over her head.

“Right that’s it. I’ve had quite enough of your snoozing!”
Sherlock awoke with a start at the sound of Watson’s voice.
“I don’t wanna” Sherlock mumbled trying to block out the sound of Watson tripping over all her contraptions on the way to her bed.
“I don’t care!” Watson said as she reached Sherlock’s bed and yanked off the duvet.
Sherlock sat up looking annoyed for a moment before sighing and lying back down muttering something about doing her a favour as it was far too hot anyway.
Watson rolled her eyes with exasperation, “But it’s one in the afternoon!” she pleaded, “I woke up at seven and have already done the shopping for the week!”
“That’s not my fault, you shouldn’t have done it if you were just going to complain.”
“Oh come on!” cried Watson, “Just get out of bed!”
There was a pause as Watson thought for a moment, “If you come down…” she said a little too slowly, “The sergeant just called and said there’s a new case!”
“I’m not stupid, I can tell when you’re lying” said Sherlock, her words muffled by pillow.
“Fine then!” said Watson as she attempted to storm out , “Sleep forever I don’t care!”
Sherlock smirked as she picked her duvet off the floor not knowing that her friend had one more trick up her sleeve.

Five minutes later Sherlock sat bolt upright sniffing the air. She grinned and put on her dressing gown as she leapt out of bed.
“Bacon!” she cried as she ran out of her door and towards the kitchen where Watson was smiling after hearing that her friend had taken the bait.