She sighed happily, she rarely felt as content as this. Sitting in the dark with only her thoughts as company. Sure, most people might find this a boring way to spend the hours, but most people were idiots whose thoughts were so dull they’d sooner picture paint drying if they had the imaginative capacity.
Sherlock suddenly sat bolt upright, there was a scrabbling at the door. Only one thought crossed her mind, burglars! She jumped quietly from her chair and leaped across the room to the fireplace where her knife was keeping some letters in place. She grabbed the knife by the handle and ran to stand by the door. She waited for a few moment whilst the scrabbling continued. Suddenly the door burst open and Sherlock threw the knife.
There was a scream.
“Nyha” she cried, “I got you, you-” Oh… That sounded an awful lot like-
Crap, it was, “Watson I’m so sorry!!” She quickly switched the light on to see Joanna pull the knife out of her shoulder and staring at the wound which was steadily bleeding.
“You threw a knife at me!”
”Are you OK?!”
“Of course I’m not. You threw a knife at me!”
“Can I do anything?”
Watson groaned, “Get me my medical bag…”
“Yes!” Sherlock ran into Joanna’s bedroom and quickly found her medical bag on the table. She ran back to the living room and passed the bag to Watson who opened it with one hand.
“Help me clear this wound up.”
“Are you going to be OK?”
“I should be fine, it’s just a graze. Apparently you’re not as good a shot as you think you are.”
”I was going easy on you.”
“Sure you were.” Watson grimaced as she wound a length of bandage around her shoulder.
“I was! There are far less questions If you just wound someone and tie them up. If I’d have killed someone, even if they were a burglar, then the police would’ve been all over this house like locusts, rearranging all my stuff, making it smell-”
“This house already smells. Can you open that please?”
There was a pause in which Watson took a deep breath “What were you thinking?!”
“I’m sorry, I thought you were a burglar! Why did you break in?”
“I’d lost my key!”
“Why didn’t you knock?”
“I didn’t want to wake you!”
”But I was up!”
“I know! Can you hold that for me please?” said Watson passing Sherlock some bandage.
“At least now we’re even.”
“What do you mean?!”
“Don’t you remember that time you shot me in the leg?”
“That was an accident!”
“So was mine!”
”Mine only stemmed from you using me as bait for a serial killer!”
“Yours was from doing something illegal!”
”It’s not illegal to break into my own home.”
“Should be.” Sherlock pouted causing Watson to sigh.
“Does it hurt?”
“Are you nearly done?” said Sherlock a little impatiently.
“Yes, in fact,” she tied a knot in her bandage and shut her bag, “I’m done now.”
”Good… What are you going to do now?”
”I don’t know, why?”
“It’s just that I was rather enjoying myself.”
“Is that all you care about? You just stabbed me and you want to get back to reading!”
“I wasn’t reading.”
”I don’t care! You’re unbelievable!” Watson stood up and flounced towards her room. “And don’t think that just because I’m going to sleep you’re forgiven!”
Sherlock glanced at the receding Watson and shrugged before sitting back down and switching the light off.