Joanna sighed happily as she applied some perfume to the base of her neck. The perfume was new, he Great Aunt Libby had sent her it the other week and it had the loveliest spell she’d ever encountered. It was a mixture of rosewood and jasmine and made her feel more confident and powerful, ready for anything. All in all, it was perfect for her date at the tea pallor with Mr Harrison- She shook her head slightly and smiled at having called him Mr Harrison in her head. His first name was Martin and he was a teacher, such a kind man with a little bit of a sense of humor too. The kind of man that made her feel all fluttery to be around, made her feel special. She grinned giddily whilst she continued to get dressed, pulling on one of those outfits that Sherlock had said she’d never wear which lead to Sherlock herself stealing and wearing them. And now Joanna was wearing one of those such outfits, she could hardly wait to say to her friend, “Ha! See I do wear my more ‘daring’ outfits! Now who’s simple and boring?” Yes it sounded childish but it made Joanna feel smug just thinking about it. She smoothed down the blue dress and played with he dark hair for a moment feeling self conscious. She never usually wore it down like it was now, it was always up in a bun. But now it was cascading down her back in waves with just a few bits tied up and she had a brief moment to worry if it looked silly. If he was still around surely he’d tell her she looked silly-All doubts about her appearance disappeared however as she was distracted by a voice calling from the entrance to her room.
“My, my Joanna I don’t think I’ve ever seen a room as clean as yours. I don’t think it’s healthy.” Joanna rolled her eyes before turning to face Sherlock who was leaning against her bedroom door fiddling with one of her throwing knives.
“I think you’ll find that it’s your room that is unhealthy Sherlock. I could catch the plague by going in there, in fact I’m surprised you haven’t already.” It was Sherlock’s turn to roll her eyes. Joanna smirked slightly before grabbing her hat and jacket and putting them on, Sherlock eyed her warily. “Where are you going all-” She took in Joanna’s outfit then with raised eyebrows. “Dressed up?” Joanna pursed her lips before answering.
“Martin’s taking me for tea,” She began walking out of her bedroom, Sherlock following behind her.
“Martin?” Sherlock asked from behind her, Joanna stopped and sighed.
“Yes Martin. You remember him? We met him last week when we were working that case with the missing children.” She explained only to be rewarded with Sherlock’s blank look. “The teacher.” She prompted and Sherlock’s eyes lit up in recognition before her face crinkled up in what could only be described as repulsion.
“The teacher? Really Watson?” She said as she began to twirl the knife around, causing Joanna to eye it wearily remembering the incident a few weeks back where that knife had been lodged in to her shoulder.
“What’s wrong with Martin? He’s lovely to me and he makes me laugh. He’s a very kind man.” She defended with an annoyed tone. Sherlock always got like this when she met someone, always claiming that-
“He’s just a bit... boring. Especially for someone like you. I think you could do better.” Sherlock stated bluntly shrugging her shoulders. Joanna pursed her lips again and glared at her friend.
“He is not boring. And besides you say that about everyone I meet. No one is good enough in your eyes. It’s like you’re my mother or something! And what do you mean by ‘Especially someone like you.’ Last time I checked you described me as simple and boring!” Joanna ranted angry now.
“No I said your fashion sense was simple and boring- except for what you have on today which I’ve gotta say, I’m pleasantly surprised. You are not simple and boring my dear Watson. You shouldn’t dress like you are and you shouldn’t be excepting courting offers that are either.” Sherlock said quietly before Joanna sighed heavily.
“Well maybe I need a little bit or boring in my life? You ever thought of that? Maybe I need something that isn’t as crazy and hectic as life around you is.” Joanna exhaled and turned to leave. “I have to be going now. Martin is picking me up soon.”
“So you admit that Martin is boring?” Sherlock called after her cheekily which made her smile a little against her will. She turned around and smirked at her friend.
“You know what Sherlock? I think you’re jealous. Jealous that you don’t have a gentlemen courting you.” She retorted letting out a small grin at the flash of furry in Sherlock’s eyes.
“I am not jealous! Pfft! Jealous of the fact you have male attention? Don’t make me laugh. Why would I care to participate in such ridiculous social affairs anyway. There’s no point.” She exclaimed adamantly making Joanna laugh slightly.
“Right,” She said trying to keep a smirk off her face. “I don’t think you could get any male attention even if you wanted to anyway,” Joanna added for payback for all Sherlock’s ‘boring’ comments.
“I could get male attention if I wanted to!” Sherlock hissed gripping her knife tightly and glaring.
“Of course, of course!” Joanna laughed again before turning once more and making her way out of the house. “I’ll see you later Sherlock.” She called before slamming the door behind her, pleased to see Martin jumping out of a carriage at that moment to greet her.
“Ready to go?” He asked her as they met halfway, before offering her his arm which she gladly took.
“Most defiantly,” She beamed up at him before letting him guide her inside the carriage.