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Opinion by deejay612 posted over a year ago
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the simpsons pgr family guy r13til r 18 .whos the winner the simpsons .its suitible for kids.family guy is dumb people. cos its so bad for children think of the children. gangman style ahahahahahahahahahahahahah s**y lady woop woop woop. is the reel winner in the end .buy it from itunes.ahahahhahhahahahhaahhahahhahhahahhahahhahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahhahahahaahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahaaaaaaahhahahhahahahahas**y lady woop woop woop.gang man style .write what your fav is .
Opinion by Cinders posted over a year ago
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I watch Family Guy and the Simpsons, and have watched the Simpsons for, well... ever since I was old enough to talk (no joke). I began watching Family Guy because it was funny, and intrigued me, and these were fresh writers and characters to watch, and some were fairly interesting.

Well, they were kind of interesting.

And the more I watched, I realized, the Family Guy characters were very well developed... Yeah, and Seinfeld had a plot.

I was talking with my friend the other day who actually kicked off this little epiphany in my head. She watches the Simpsons, but not Family Guy. She points out that while the characters on the Simpsons can be crude, lazy and just plain mean at times, they also had softer sides, like when Bart was best friends with Lisa, or when Homer apologized to Lisa in a crossword puzzle (these are just off the top of my head). She pointed out that Family Guy characters never (or very, very rarely) have any moments like that. She confessed an interest in Stewie and Brian, but an outright loathing of Peter.
Opinion by hooch-is-crazy posted over a year ago
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I thought I'd write this article on some of the commonly used arguements and what i think of them, as I'm close to neutral i think that my opinions will be acceptable whichever show you prefer.


Family Guy is funnier

You tend to hear the arguement that it's really all about more from the Family Guy side, and I guess it's true, i think there might be a bit more laughs, but that all depends on how much you get, if you spent 5 years in a cave on Mars, The Simpsons would be far funnier, it all depends on how much attention you pay to pop culture and how funny you find it.

The Simpsons has been going too long

I think that this may be the weakest arguement there is, the reason The Simpsons has been going on so long is because so many people continue to find it funny, maybe if it wasn't for the departure of the genuis Seth MacFarlane and the best charater, Stewie (although as MacFarlane provides Stewies voice they might have actually have been one event) Family Guy could have lasted longer, but without MacFarlane, I can't see it happening,...