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Article by vero_kpa posted over a year ago
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El día en la casa de los Simpson comienza así…

Homero se despierta a las 5:00 hs de la mañana porque pensaba que se había dormido y

pensaba que se había roto el despertador y entonces se despierta marge también porque le

prende la luz y le dice vos estas loco son las 5:00 de la mañana bueno pensaba que ya eran las

7 hs y homero se puso la remera, el pantalón, la camisa y los zapatos al revés. Marge le vuelve

a discutir te estas poniendo todo al revés no me lo estoy poniendo bien dice homero. Marge también se

tuvo que levantar porque no se podía dormir más. Homero primero va a la pieza de Bart,

estaba todavía acostado durmiendo profundamente y viene homero y lo tira de la cama al piso

y tuvo que levantarse porque encima Bart tenia que terminar un machete para la prueba de ese día y
Opinion by rocky123 posted over a year ago
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It's a big call, but this newspaper website in Australia (it's Simpsons-mad, too) is claiming the ultimate Simpsons quiz. Are they correct? They've got an easy top 25 and a really, really tricky top 25 that's certainly challenging. So, check out the link and tell us - is it the ultimate Simpsons quiz?
Some of trickier questions include:

6: How many times has Millhouse turned 10?

7: What was the name of Homer's personal assistant?

8: What 3 questions does Homer ask the head of the Kwik-E-Mart corporation?

9: On what does Lisa wish for world peace?

Article by triton posted over a year ago
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Here are more ideas I came up with that might be good for future The Simpsons episodes...take a look and tell which one you like the best!

"Meow! Manhattan"

As the Simpsons family prepare their annual spring cleaning, Homer makes a mistake while packaging go-away stuff and believes Snowball was Marge's sisters' old cat lamp, which looks like exactaly like Snowball, and put her unknowingly in the box to be shipped away to the land of abandoned and unuseful objects. However, a airport switcheroo due to economic reasons bring the stuff along with Snowball to Manhattan, New York. When Lisa hears about this, she informs the others about Snowball's disappearance; and on a frantic search, they head to Manhattan to find Snowball before something bad really happens to her.

"Homer Schooling"

Due to complicated water plumbling problems at Springfield Elementary, Principal Skinner and Willie are forced to stay to clean up the mess while the kids are given a week off. To the much dismay of Lisa's sadden face and Bart's estatic reaction, Marge goes beserk and realizes that the children need to be...