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Opinion by Dusty12345 posted over a year ago
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I have loved the Simpsons as long as I can remember. They have always brought laughs and fun to my house. I love how in every episode it starts out as one thing then turns into something completely different. Homer is so stupid and funny. He is laid back with anger issues. Maggie is always so innocent but it sometimes turns out that was the one that did something horrible, like when she shot Mr.Burns. Bart loves pranks and jokes. Lisa is a vegitarean and cares strongly about the enviorment which makes it the perfect match with Bart. Marge is always concerned about the family and makes a perfect match with Homer.

Article by triton posted over a year ago
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Here are even more ideas I cococted...take a look and tell which one you like the best!

"A Trip Down Beetles Lane"
Abe Simpson recounts stories he met with the Beetles when they first arrived in Springfield back in 1966 to participate in a special concert hosted by the mayor back then. When Abe learns the concert was a fake and the Beetles made it a publicity stunt, he takes Homer to find the people who can actually tell him the truth, the Beetles.

"The Simpsondian Effect"
Bart discovers a remote-control advice from Dr. Frink’s lab basement that sends him back a day; he gets inspired to undo all the stuff that made his past 48 hours terrible, but don’t realize his present is deeply affecting by it. And the more he is spending time reversed, the more his present will be gone forever.

"4 or 5:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Way Abroad)"
A egotistic host coerces Homer and the family to take part in a family-inspired world race, but what the family don’t realize is that everyone in Springfield will be watching the whole thing live.
Article by vero_kpa posted over a year ago
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Marge se quedo en su casa porque trabaja de ama de casa cuidando a Maggie dándole de comer porque ella todavía no había comido y jugando con ella. También se quedo limpiando etc.

Pasan toda la mañana y al llegar al mediodía llegan Bart y Lisa del cole. Lisa aprobó su

examen de saxofón con un diez y Bart se saco un uno porque la maestra le encontró el

machete debajo de la hoja.

Marge dijo: Bart vas a estar castigado por un día por hacer trampas en un examen y

encima por mentirle a tu padre. Y a Lisa su madre le dio a dar plata para que se vaya a

comprar un helado y contenta se fue a comprar el helado de frutilla.

Bueno luego Bart se va a su cuarto y se pone a ver en la tele “Tom y Dally” su programa favorito.

Después de unas horas… llega Homero de su trabajo y le dice a Marge: ¿donde están