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Article by Pondus321 posted over a year ago
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I love the show and have some ideas for new episodes. Give me your thoughts on these ideas!
A new face

Homer gets fired from the nuclear power plant after causing a near meltdown. In the quest for a new job he get hired at the local car wash, and loves it, until his old boss wants a car wash.
In the mean time Lisa finally gets sick of Bart's stupidness and ask Dr. frank to build her a devise that can make him smarter, only to discover that smarter is not always better!
Dr. Homer

After watching a movie about second world war, homer gets inspired to become a doctor, but get put up to a challenge when Marge falls of a ladder and gets a concussion. Unaware about Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie goes on a treasure-hunt after finding a old map in a hidden closet in the ally. Only to find out that they are not the only one that are after the treasure.
Article by triton posted over a year ago
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Here are even more ideas I cococted...take a look and tell which one you like the best!

"A Trip Down Beetles Lane"
Abe Simpson recounts stories he met with the Beetles when they first arrived in Springfield back in 1966 to participate in a special concert hosted by the mayor back then. When Abe learns the concert was a fake and the Beetles made it a publicity stunt, he takes Homer to find the people who can actually tell him the truth, the Beetles.

"The Simpsondian Effect"
Bart discovers a remote-control advice from Dr. Frink’s lab basement that sends him back a day; he gets inspired to undo all the stuff that made his past 48 hours terrible, but don’t realize his present is deeply affecting by it. And the more he is spending time reversed, the more his present will be gone forever.

"4 or 5:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Way Abroad)"
A egotistic host coerces Homer and the family to take part in a family-inspired world race, but what the family don’t realize is that everyone in Springfield will be watching the whole thing live.
Fan fiction by sawfan13 posted over a year ago
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It all started out as an ordinary day, man. Mrs. Krabaple, my stupid teacher wanted us to do a
project on the most intense, exciting day of our vacation. Truth is, I actually DID my project, instead
of getting my dog, Santa's Little Helper to eat a piece of paper with the alphabet and some made
up curse words Milhouse made up that I thought were dumb. Anyway, all these kids had these boring
stories, while I was remembering mine:
It started two weeks ago, when Homer came home, not miserable or went to Moe's before coming
home. He seemed so giddy and excited.

Homer: Marge! Kids! Come to the living room!! I wanna tell you a great way to spend Bart and Lisa's
break from school! Marge: You seem so happy. What is it? Homer: We're all going to Vegas!
Bart: Haven't we already been there? Homer: Yes, but I have over ten thousand dollars here with me
and tickets to some shows. Here's two concerts, to uh some band called uh, *looks at ticket*