JosefS_girl24 posted on Jun 04, 2008 at 04:30AM
FOR TWINS:open cheat window(control+shift+c)then type 'forcetwins'-without the '
FOR TRIPLETS:open cheat window(control+shift+c) then type 'forcetriplets' without the '

FOR QWADS:open cheat window(control+shift+c) then type 'quadforce' without the '

hope that helps

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over a year ago al_giraud said…
hey how to have more money and health
over a year ago LuvMeRory37 said…
I already knew that but thanks!!!
over a year ago Alaa1999 said…
ummm, i knew the twins 1 long time ago and it DOES work , bt i didn't try the triples yet :D
over a year ago AnimeFreak1a said…
For twins just have the pregnant sim selected and type in the cheat bar(summon it by ctrl + shift+ and c) and type in forcetwins for Triplets and Quads I think you need a mod/hack for that.
over a year ago quinnglee said…
If you have sims 2, it will only work for twins, but there are some heavier cheats i've heard off, i don't know where you'd find them. However, if someone wants to name their twins close names, say Rowen and Rowan (only an example), if you want the boy to be older, make him Rowan or he'll be younger. If you want the girl older, you'd use Rowan, even if she were born second. When you name twins, it goes alphabetical, so no matter if you want the boy older than the girl and you have the girl have an "a" and the boy an "e" before other letter, the boy will be younger, believe me, i just found that out on 9/16/2011, 5:13 PM.
over a year ago ppgcowgirl said…
Is there a way to get even more like quints etc
over a year ago XxLydiaxX said…
Do you have to do it at a certain time cos it's not working in general and I'm trying the twins and it won't work. xx
over a year ago JDRain1290 said…
Haven't tried it yet but willing to do so!
over a year ago violethunny said…
does the sim have to be pregnant ?
over a year ago missimissa said…
big smile
uhm it doesnt work because youre missing one more important info! you dont just click on the pregnant one xD speed up her pregnancy and RIGHT before she deliveres the baby pauze, click on her and THEN force pregnancy.

source: youtube.

over a year ago rikki2247 said…
over a year ago mae2002 said…
Hello.Im just now putting in the cheats.I hope they work.Do we have to type it when ur sim is gonna have the baby or when she is just normal?
over a year ago hottiebabe110 said…
As far as I know, there is no cheats. But if you want to have twins or triplets, you need to achieve the sims lifetime achievement to get loads of points. You then buy fertility treatment which increases your chances of having twins or triplets. You need to have the fertility treatment before you make your sim have sex. GOOD LUCK!!
over a year ago newmoon38 said…
Didn't work for me.