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The Sims 2 Which of these my 3 girls is the most beautiful?

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 Winxlove posted over a year ago
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Winxlove said:
please don't be rude
posted over a year ago.
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Katia1997 picked NONE!!!!!!!!!!XP
Katia1997 picked NONE!!!!!!!!!!XP:
Lindsay has too much make up on, Daniella has got too big eyes, and Ashley(no offense) is just scary...
posted over a year ago.
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Winxlove said:
@ Katia1997:Thanks for voting and commenting.It's okay that you didn't liked anyone,that's the reason i posted this.About Lindsay...well,lindsay don't have too much makeup but her skin is like that that's why she looks too much makeup;Daniela,has very beautiful eyes,they are not big but they are in the same size as the others;ashley (I know myself she is scary!!!!!!) but maybe it's the fault of the hairs,i should change them(they look very bad).

But I with myself I personally think that Daniela is the most beautiful girl.
Maybe a photo too close make them look ugly,i should try to take a photo larger...

This means you didn't liked anyone of them...you did liked Grim Reaper more than them???? XD lol

posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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Alfoneta picked Ashley
Alfoneta picked Ashley:
yeah, i think ashley is pretty but her hair is boobad..sorry..but its true..she looks though & confident. well, i chose ashley because she's just have to change her hair not her face..LOL
posted over a year ago.
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Movie_BUFF024 picked Daniela
Movie_BUFF024 picked Daniela:
Ashley looks freaky, Lindsey looks too fake, but Daniela looks nice ;)
posted over a year ago.
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bloomandmusa picked NONE!!!!!!!!!!XP
bloomandmusa picked NONE!!!!!!!!!!XP:
They r fine, but i prefer other sims
posted over a year ago.