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Sims 2: Vampires (And Werewolves?)

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LilBunn said:
To become a vampire (Nightlife is required):

There's 2 cheat ways and a cheat-free way to become a vampire.

One cheat way is by using "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true". Shift-click on the mailbox and click "NPC". Find "Grand Vampire". Within about 30 Sim minutes, a Count or Contessa vampire should show up on your lot. Befriend them, and eventually they will bite you. (Note: Only summon them at night; during the daylight, they will meet you then flee from the sun.)

The other also uses boolprop. Shift-click on your Sim, and click "More" then "Make Vampire". Quickest way, but it doesn't show up as a memory.

The cheat free way isn't that much harder; you just have to leave your lot. Go downtown to either the pub or a clothing shop. You can identify them by their name (which start with Count or Contessa) their pale skin, red eyes, invisibility in mirrors, and their ability to fly. Befriend them and eventually they will bite you.

For werewolves (You saw my vampires being bitten by a wolf)(Pets is required):

Again, cheat way and cheat free way.

The cheat way is the same as vampire; "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true", shift-click on the mailbox, "NPC", "Leader of the Pack". Within about 30 Sim minutes, a wolf with glowing yellow eyes will show on your lot. Befriend it, and eventually it your interaction que will say "Be Nibbled". (Note: You can summon a wolf to your lot during the daylight, though it will not bite you until nighttime.)

The cheat-free way is more difficult. There is no absolute guaruntee a wolf will show. Rumor says by having many trees (like a forest) on your lot and even having toddlers will raise your chances. You can only identify the wolf with it's glowing yellow eyes; (the names differ from each wolf). You can only find a wolf with the yellow eyes at night.



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