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ultimatefan6 posted on Oct 20, 2009 at 08:21AM
Hey, I just need some ideas of families that you make on the sims 3, some good ones that are fun. i have run out of ideas lol! please help me by replying with some famiyl ideas, it would be much appreciated
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over a year ago killerkitty12 said…
I have a good idea. So start off on a 60 by 60 lot, and make it a forest like area. Then create a household of 7 teenage sims and 1 YA sim. They should all have the green thumb trait. Move them into the lot you just created. On the lot, create a cave like area where the ground is lowered. Make sure you have it well hidden. Then make it into a small home with all necessities. Also raise the land on another side of the lot and make the YAs house. She is just the advisor. The teens will have to fend for themselves, not being able to leave the lot and having that small house where each week ONE teen gets to live in it. Make sure to lock the door. The teens must only get food from fishing or gardening. No money can be used for them. The YA can do whatever. See how long the teens can survive if they don't have anything but plants. The YA can also go and trade fruits and veggies with the teens in exchange for housework(eg the teen does house chores for the YA for one week in exchange for 7 fruits/veggies). I loved doing this challenge but it was kinda hard since they got stir crazy and the ones who didn't have the house for that week were very stinky. I deleted the school also so they didn't have to go.
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over a year ago JadeIsSoAwesome said…
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Hello, I've been playing the sims 3 since it came out I've done all the family's you can think of, but now I've found a new idea make a man/woman young adult and make an old man/woman kill the young adult and wait till you get a call on the old persons phone telling you you can bring you're loved ones back to life, take you're young adults grave stone/earn two the science fercility and have them bring him/her back to life so you can play him/her again then kill the old person and then you have you're young adult. Adopt a child preferibly a femail if you have a man already like me and make sure she is a teen then get a birthday cake and make her a the male, make them have gost babies kill the wife and take her two the science fercillity make her intwo a host and there you have it a host familly not verry good but its funny as hell!!!!
over a year ago maggiesacww said…
I made a family with two people. A guy named Goostaf and his sister Carla. Goostaf had children with 11 girls and broke many hearts before he met his wife, a maid named Trina, at the park. Trina moved in and the two of them ended up having five children. So Goostaf ended up with half the town's girls hating him since he never bothered to smooth things over, and still has not met many of his 20 (there were some twins) children. He can't go to the park without a girl he barely remembers getting mad at him. Plus, he's wrecked and tangled the biggest and richest household in town. Basically, some cousins are now half siblings, and someone's mother is also their son's sister's mother..
over a year ago lalaxxxcalliope said…
I made a woman(Cassidy), her husband(Blake), Cassidy's sister(Anna Lynn), and Cassidy and Blake's daughter(Selena)

Blake gets kind of fat so while he is at work Cassidy goes and has an affair with their douche-y neighbor. Blake finds out about them and kicks Cassidy out of the house and she moves in with her new boyfriend. Blake then moves out and leaving Anna Lynn and Selena behind. Anna can't pay the bills so she has "puts up an ad for roomates". Soon they're new roomates move in.

There is a really sweet sensitive girl(Mollie), her teenage brother(Tyler), a young adult artsy musician(Mason), his baby daughter(Safron), and a woman alot like Monica from friends(Claire)

Mollie and Anna Lynn become lovers and Tyler starts dating Selena. When Safrron grows up she and Selena become mortal enemies. Mason then gets a girlfriend but cheats on her with her husband.

I know it's really weird and they just do like random stuff each day kind of like a sitcom(???). Hope this helps!
over a year ago lalaxxxcalliope said…
My little brother(10) wanted to play once so I let him, and he made this super fat green guy with a really really long nose named "Trolly the Tree Troll" he married this blue "nymph" and they had a red "demon" baby son and a vampire daughter (requires night life)
over a year ago maggiesacww said…
Today I made a new family, a random young adult, a teen, and the teen's younger sister, a toddler named Sam. I moved them to an empty lot, killed the adult, bought a bench and a crib, and now the teen has to juggle a job, the baby, and school without any help or house. I also plan to build a town with one house in it. The rest of the lots will be empty or community lots. Basically I will hold death contests with seven people at a time, with a person from the one house living there full time. Anyone who survives the four challenges of the death contest (fire, drowning (2 hours of swimming after little sleep or a lot of exercise), electrocution, starvation(2 days without an available food source) will be awarded a house for their family. This will be fun >:)
over a year ago poppykitten said…
i have 3 ideas
made a family were i had them living in a park well not litrally you by some rubbish house that is really cheap but you will never use it and go onto edit town and bild and amazing house in the park with loads of awasome things ( btw dont cover up the hole park just use a corner) and i had just random sime witch are one that is a slutty cheater who beats everyone up , a sweet gutar person , a fully grean person, a few fat people and an loner and an evil person. it is really fun but remeber keep teleoporting them back to the park because they will go home or just tell them to go back to the park.
idea 2 : get a family or random people a 4 boys and 4 girl and make afamily that are always having sex with anyone with random public and with eath other me and my friend done it. its soooo funny.
idea 3: when you go on edit town u have a clip bord inculding all your old family and pic some of your favourite sims u ever make and all put them togther in a guiant house hold
hope u like my ideas!!!!!!!
over a year ago ranasauras said…
Hhey in my game i usually make a really pretty girl (a few) and make a scuplter and have him get really good at iot and make the girls models for him. just an idea.
over a year ago amjo100 said…
This family is sooo funny...
I made a sleezy lady that woz flirty! Let's call her Chantelle. So Chantelle falls in love with Parker langerak (or whoever u want) she gets engaged to parker. Chantelle is now engaged. I throw her an engagement party but with Parker not invited. She then starts flirting with dustin langerak (parkers dad) this works coz he wants to raise 5 kids. So then she becomes his romantic interest! I then invite Parker over and put free will down to 0 and then sit him in a chair near the bed and then get dustin and Chantelle to try for a baby right infront of him! Hehehehe!!! Then when she gives birth dustin doesn't want to follow through but Parker believes it was just his dads fault! So then chantelle and Parker get married and so this baby is parkers step daughter and half-sister! Lol xxx :) xxx
over a year ago samg107 said…
This idea came to me a while ago but, anyways i find it pretty fun for some odd reason. Have three adults. One pair has to be married but, another is a loner or something or married it doesn't matter. Have the married couple have a teenage son and toddler daughter and the loner have a teenage girl. Teens fall in love. Then some how kill the married couple and do a cheat to make teens become adults faster (the cheat is real look it up) so they get married and raise the brothers sister and the loner adult just have become elder and be a grandparent. I find it interesting because the brother has to raise his sister and his own kids.
over a year ago red716 said…
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You could try a guy that is a ladies' man and gets all the women in your town pregnant. I've done that, and he now has 24 kids so far.
over a year ago taffles said…
My favorite thing to do when bored with the sims:
I think this requires Generations, or you could always cheat to make this work but usually cheating makes the game less fun for me...
I create a single sim. Usually the first career I have it pick is medical, but it can be anything, but something that needs high logic helps. Then I proceed to make my sim focus only on it's career and raising it's logic, preferably with the chemistry set. You will need it eventually, or I think you can just buy it with lifetime rewards but you will need to save those up for at least one specific reward. When you're able to, either make or buy the Young Again potion, and immediately use the Age Freeze reward. Now your sim is forever immortal. The only way it can die is by accident and it will never age.

What I then like to do is have my sim reach the top of it's career, then go to city hall, change it's name, if possible, go get plastic surgery, or you could just change it's clothes and hairstyle, and quit it's job and go start a new life with a new career in preferably a new house. Whenever you've played your sim long enough that it's inability to age will begin to look suspicious, have it change identities again. It can get married, have kids, but whenever it changes identities, the sim will have to leave all of that behind. It can keep in contact with it's family, but they must never know who he is.

It's fun. The most I've played a sim like this is 5 identities I think? His granddaughter ended up being his boss at some point. And he had 2 wives and a husband. He was a doctor, a villain, super spy, an athlete, and a sculptor. I considered making one of his wives immortal too but then showtime came out and I forgot about him...
over a year ago jannah2600 said…
hi you have a family on the sims 3 which is based on a cinderella story i have it a xbox game so i made a woman called sarah:she is evil,grumpy,mean spireted,nauratic and hot headed
a man who is not married to the woman called benny:freindly,family,good,flirty,hopless romantic
2 evil step kids anastasia and anabell:evil,slob,couch potato. kids of sarah
1 kid called cindy;friendly,neat,good.kid of ben

so you get sarsh and ben that soon! then kill the ben and builed a small hut outside witha bed and a kitch and bathroom. you get the sises to be mean and the step mother. mack her clean and cook when you like a boy who is the same age make him move inand a old woman make her a fairy god mother and move her in.

teen life make the prince throw a part turn them to adults and ask cindie to mary him them make the step mother to argue to cindie then move out . lol
over a year ago karolina123 said…
OK so I got this idea from EmzLovesCheryl and I made a male young adult and made him very rich and moved him into this huge house , I went around houses to see if any women lived there and when I found a womman i made her my girlfriend and got her pregnant and then broke up with her , now I found this woman and Im married to her I have one child with her and shes pregnant again , Im cheating on her and Im making other women pregnant :)
over a year ago KingJAZ said…
I have a woman who married a man with close resemblance to Justin Bieber (Don't ask me why). She had triplets with him, then left him. She later decided to get married to a smurf (a blue guy) and have a few kids with him. She got married to a few other people around town and currently has twenty biological children. But here's the weirdest part of all: She got married to the child of one of her previous spouses and had a kid with HIM! This caused a slight glitch in the family tree--he's a step-brother, but at the same time, a father!!! Also, all of his brothers and sisters were his aunts and uncles!!! Try it. It's really weird.
over a year ago bellagothfan said…
you could make a family about a guy who makes a girl fall in love with him and then he locks her in the basement and gets more and girls to go to his house and you could use cheats to make them part of the family and he could be really mean to them and then have them escape somehow? i don't know just thinking.
over a year ago H20-super-fan said…
Create a chinease rich family and it is so fun!!! Have 1 mum 1 dad 2 toddlers (boy & girl) and 2 cats and 1 snake !!!! Trust meh!!! ;)
over a year ago harleyquinley said…
i love making all kinds of sims :) i always make myself my boyfriend my family and my friends :) but i also love to make the disney princesses, tim burton characters -jack, sally, beetlejuice, emily (corpse bride) etc , a wonderland family -alice, mad hatter, queen of hearts Cheshire cat etc :) ive also made characters from a book im writing :) and ive made an ocarina of time family -link, saria,princess zelda, malon, princess ruto. :) you could also make a mix of your favourtie computer game characters and yourself :D hope those ideas help :)
over a year ago ihatewindows123 said…
Make 2 people. One of the people will be a fussy person. Make their traits neat, natural cook, bookworm, green thumb and snob. Then make a really messy lazy person. Their traits will be slob, clumsy, couch potato, absent minded and inapropriate. Move them into a lot, and divide the lot into 2 with a fence. Make each of them have a house. The neat person will have a nice, simple cottage with a vegetable patch, neat garden and well looked after grass and simple posh furniture. (don't overdo it) the messy person will have torn wallpaper, messy and dead garden with brambles ect. horrible dry grass. Make the neat guy wear posh clothing. (eg. suit and a bowtie and have a combover hairstyle and pale skin) Make the messy person fat, with a singlet and jeans. ect.
over a year ago KABOSEY said…
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Heres an idea! I havent actually tried it out yet but if you do let me know!
You make your parents as a starting family Just your mum and dad, then you continue the generation with you and your siblings..For example, Im the oldest so I would have my mum get pregnant (And eat lots of watermelon so it turns out a girl baby) And then have her raise me until Im the age where she had my brother..Then you just live in your family until your old enough to have your own kids..And you continue the generations.

Another idea is to be a female sim and have the child of every male sim in town, then once you have the child, move the male and baby out of town. Also wait until teens and child boys are young adults and keep doing that until there are no males left..It takes awhile but i got that idea from someone else and im going to try it. You could also find something to do with the females too until there all moved out..

And lastly, another quick easy thing I do when im bored sometimes is I ask an adult sim with children to move in and when I get to the Move In panel, I just move in their kids and raise them as my own lol
over a year ago Icings said…
All these ideas sound really cool! I did a family that i found really interesting, theres a dad mom and a teen daughter the dad is kinda a player and the mom is sleazy lol and the daughter reminds me of regina george from mean girls, real crazy home lol
over a year ago ihatewindows123 said…
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I have an idea but no idea how it will turn out.

There is a mum and a dad and a teenager and a baby (not a toddler)
The mum and the dad spilt up and then the dad dies in a fire.
The mum is always working and never has any time to spend with her family. So the teenager always has to look after the baby and not get an education. So the baby grows up and is raised by the sister.
One day the mum doesn't come home from a work flight and also dies from hunger, after being kidnapped. So the sister is left to look after the baby and get a job. She gets a boyfriend, job and grows up to a young-adult. She teaches her sister how to talk and walk and potty trains her and helps her with her education and stuff. She breaks up with the boyfriend, gets a new one and marries him. By then her little sister is a child. She looks after her family and has her own baby. Soon she gets a divorce from her husband and goes back with her old boyfriend, then married him. By then they are adults, the little sister is a teen and the baby is a toddler. The little sister gets a job, and helps to look after the baby. Soon she grows up, moves out, gets married and has her own baby. The sister gets old with her second husband and dies. The little sister has another baby and looks after her niece (child) and her own baby. The niece grows up and moves out and stays single for a while, then gets a boyfriend, married and has three children.

Hope this helps :)
over a year ago ihatewindows123 said…
I have tried part of this, but not all.

There is a girl, Tara (change the name if u want) and she gets married to her neighbour, Mithun. (Again change names) Then Tara's best friend, a guy, moves in and Tara gets really close to him. One night they are in the hot tub and Tara gets pregnant, but not with her husband, Mithun. It's Hunter's baby! (THIS IS WHERE I HAVE PLAYED UP TO) So Tara doesn't want Mithun to find out she has been cheating on him and doesn't tell Hunter its his baby. When the baby grows to a child, Mithun realises it looks nothing like him, more like Tara and Hunter. So he asks Tara, and Tara denies it. Mithun takes the baby and gets it tested for his DNA. When he finds out there is none, he dumps the child at the Cemetary and locks it up, then asks Tara again. She denies it and then Mithun tells her that he had the child tested for his DNA. She confesses. Tara thinks the child is at school, because she was at work all day. When the child doesn't come home, Tara asks Mithun where it is and won't tell. She threatens to break up with him and he threatens to kill the child. Tara goes to Hunter and tells him everything. She kisses Hunter and then Mithun tries to kill Tara. Then she calls the police, so Mithun kills the child. Tara then divorces Mithun, and marries Hunter. Then Tara and Hunter hire someone to kill Mithun, and have another baby together, and then find out the first child isn't actually dead.

HAPPY FAMILY!!! (well, in the end :) )
over a year ago ihatewindows123 said…
^^^^ Hunter is the best friend