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Opinion by Annonymous2 posted over a year ago
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A: Introduction
B: Notes
C: Hardware and Software Needed
D: Steps
E: Outro
F: Copyright Information

A: Indroduction
Hello. If you are sexually attracted to female Sims, find nude female Sims humorous, have a female Sim who is a nudist, or want to have a nude female Sim for any other reason, I will teach step-by-step how to create a nude female Sim.

B: Notes
This turtorial is only for mature audience.
This turtorial is only for adults 18 or older.
This only works on The Sims 2.
This only works on PC and possibly Mac.
You're female Sim can only be nude if she is in her swim suit or undies.

C: Hardware and Software Needed
A PC (Hardware)
The Sims 2 Body Shop (Software)
The Sims 2 (Hardware) You will only need this to play as the character.
Paint (Software) Any other photo editing program will also do.

D: Steps
Go the The Sims 2 Body Shop.