You walk into a forest,
a flashlight in your hand,
you tiptoe on and off the trail,
being as quiet as you can.

It's the middle of the night,
stars are scattered across the sky.
Crickets sing their eerie tune
and from tree to tree bats fly.

Your friends dared you to go in here,
the reward being a fifty-dollar bill
you took one glance at the trees
and scoffed, "Ha! Of course I will!"

At that time you were confident,
feeling courageous and strong,
but now you feel this task is too easy,
and you realize something is wrong.

You stop on the gravel path,
and tune into your mind,
you know this is some sort of test,
but the question is, What kind?

You move into thicker woods,
and stumble across a note,
you read it over carefully
and place it in your tote.

An uneasy pressure
builds up in your head.
You shake it off, don't let it bug you
and continue on instead.

In a small building, you find another,
and place it with the first,
however, the messages on them
make you fear for the worst.

You continue on through the underbrush,
but something is still unclear.
Why would your friends give so much,
for just six hours in here?

The pressure becomes more insistent,
and eventually it becomes too much to bear.
Why do I feel this way, you wonder,
and who's that standing over there?

You squint into the darkness,
slightly in a daze,
to see a tall man wearing a suit,

You let a scream escape your throat,
and begin to sprint away,
your heart thunders like a drum,
and within minutes you lead yourself astray.

You seek shelter in a concrete tunnel,
your breath coming out in gasps,
you desperately wonder,
How much longer will I last?!

After a couple hours,
all seems calm and well,
you cautiously walk out,
and make a dash for the hills.

You keep your head turned forwards,
not daring to look back,
you check to your left for a just a moment,
and you run into something-SMACK!

You fall back onto the gravel,
your flashlight rolling away,
you open your eyes the widest you can,
and what you see puts you in dismay.

The tall figure is standing over you,
you can't move; you're paralyzed by fear
the last words you scream are:
"I wish I had never come here!"

In the last moments of your life,
on your last dying breath,
why would your friends, if they are really friends
lead you to your death?