#20- Jokey , voiced by June Foray
"AKA asswhole Smurf"-WhoopieGoldberg
Poor Jokey is the least favorate Smurf on the countdown. People tend to find him annoying, even on "Robot Chicken" they say he has a "complete disragrard for smurf safety".
#19- Sassette, voiced by Julie Dees-McWhirter
"Sasette is Awesome"-xgirl101
I guess not that many people like Sassette, allot of people think that she is dull and an excuse to have another female in the village.

#18-Tracker, voiced by Kip King
"Kind of boring"-founten
People seem to find him pretty boring and useless. Not really adding much to the mix. He was even named on of the most disturbing smurfs due to what exactly he is tracking.

#17- Baby Smurf, voiced by Julie Dees-McWhirter
"So cute"-bvg
Even though many find him cute others find him dull and useless.

#16- Grandpa, voiced by Jonathen Winters
"Old yellow fart"-WhoopieGoldberg
Lots of people seem to think that the introduction of Grandpa is another indacation of the Smurfs "jumping the shark" I've never heard much prais towords him.

#15- Snappy, voiced by Pat Musick
"Well I don't really like any of the smurflings because they are stupid and always cause problems"-WhoopieGoldberg
I always thought Snappy was the most hated of all the Smurflings, but I guess Sassette is. He is the perfect example of a steriotypical bratty little kid.

#14- Harmony, voiced by Hamilton Camp
"Can he shut up?"-WhoopieGoldberg
Lots of people admire Harmony for his determination and confadince, while still others feel he is kind of annoying.

#13- Brainy, voiced by Barry Gordan
"Brainy is my all-time favorate"-SmurfSnaeha
Brainy is one of my favorates but not very many fans agree with me. Allot of people think that he is very anoying and a bit of a jerk.

#12- Greedy, voiced by Hamilton Camp
"he's THE most important smurf"-founten
Even though he's one of the most important Smurfs in the village, he still lives up to his name and is very greedy. One of the best Greedy episodes is "the Smurfs and the money tree".

#11- Painter, voiced by Bill Callaway
"racist bastard"-WhoopieGoldberg
People seem to be pretty split on this guy either loving or hating him. I pretty much hate him, but only because he is boring.

#10- Poet, voiced by Frank Welker
Yeah, in the village he is useless and he never really did anything to stand out, at least not to me anyway.

#9- Vanity, voiced by Alan Openhimer
"Vanity's the best!"-xgirl101
This guy is my all time favorate smurfs, but he just barley made the number nine spot. Poor Vanity, at least he knows how great he is.

#8- Lazy, voiced by Micheal Bell
"Does he even have any friends?"-founten
All this guy ever did was sleep, the only memorable thing he ever did was be the first Purple Smurf!

#7- Nat, voiced by Charlie Adler
One of the most beloved Smurflings. And why not? I mean, when he was an adult he was totally boring. He didn't get interesting at all untill he became a smurling. And thats why we love em'

#6- Handy, voiced by Micheal Bell
"Thats one big ass pencil in his ear"-founten
Usially this smurf makes it further down the list, but not this time. I guess these next ones were just too awesome.

#5- Papa Smurf, voiced by Don Messic
"He looks like Santa"-xgirl101
I always thought the reason he made it this far was because no one had anything against him, but appearently people really like him. They like that he is the leader and they think he does a good job.

#4- Hefty, voiced by Frank Welker
"Hefty hefty hefty! Wimpy wimpy wimpy"-xgirl101
Hefty is one of the more interesting smurfs, and he really has a fan following, and why not? he is pretty cool.

#3- Smurfette, voiced by Lucille Bliss
"Smurfette doesn't fu**"-Donnie Darko
Smurfette is the most recodnizable smurfs, and is one of the most loved too, but she couldn't quite make number one.

#2- Grouchy, voiced by Micheal Bell
"Grouchy is too cool for any of that"- WhoopieGoldberg
He hates everything and is one of the funniest smurfs, no wonder he made it so far, but number one is....

#1- Clumsy, voiced by Bill Callaway
Well I never would have guesed it but the most favorate smurf is Clumsy Smurf.!?! People really find him cute and admire his attitude towords life.