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The son of neptune This is a pen!

  • This is a pen!

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    if you've seen the Percy Jackson movie you'll know what this is about.

    Keyword: percy, jackson's, pen=, deadly, weapon., funny.

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Lol I freaken lo this part!!! It made me laugh so freaken hard!!! Nh
posted over a year ago.
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loved this part! love loagn lerman too!
posted over a year ago.
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:D..... I cant remember the whole movie... but i remember this part!!!!!
posted over a year ago.
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"take this, t is a powerful weapon."
"this is a pen. THIS IS. a PEN!"
"click it!"

my favorite part other than, "maybe your not seeing what I'm seeing, you have CRUTCHES!"
posted over a year ago.
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