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Opinion by melikhan posted over a year ago
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Visit the site link

Sprouse Arts.com

SprouseArts.com was created by actor/artist Dylan Sprouse (born August 4, 1992) as a place where he could express himself as an artist. Launched in mid 2010, Dylan intended for the website to be a place where he could showcase his own artwork and designs, as well as discuss his favorite artists and artwork. Although extremely devoted to his TV fans, Dylan has expressed his desire that Sprouse Arts remain solely for the discussion of art and related topics, and is not for discussion of his personal life, television or film career.

Wary of the problems that can be encountered on many social networking sites, Dylan has kept it simple by maintaining only one social media account on Twitter, and like the Sprouse Arts website, this account is only used for the discussion of art & artists, and the sharing of art and design topics and links. He is adamant to his followers that he does not utilize any other social media networks for fan contact or otherwise. In fact, he has been relentless at weeding out imposter accounts on Twitter to ensure there is...
Fan fiction by kittendrawings posted over a year ago
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Dylan and Cole Sprouse were born in Italy.
They speak english because their mother Malissa
took time to let herself tutor her children.
"They are now so great at talking in english," Malissa told Sprouse Guide.
Dylan loves science, and Cole loves math. If you can find these twins they'll be right inside the TERROR AFTER DARK haunted houses in Dulles Mall.
Mathematics is GREAT. I even know ALGEBRA!!!
Do you think they shall tutor each other? I think SO!!!
Dylan is sort of lazy, and Cole is the type to be around.
But, both are still fun to play and hang out with!!!
"Withdrawal is our response," Cole and Dylan told to Handsome to Ugly magazine.
Want more Coley and Dylay time? Then, listen to them on Suite Life On Deck!
Fan fiction by prince97 posted over a year ago
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Charecters: Hannah(me, 18) Nicole(18) Dylan(18) Cole(18)

"Ok, let me get this straight. You're now a singer?"


"Why do you like dylan? Cole's way cuter!"

"Why are you here?"

"I want to be with you forever."

"Go die in a ditch!"

"Why do twins have to exist? It'd be easier picking boys!"

"I love you."

"Where are we?"

"Michael Jackson POWNS!"

"Why are you my friend.


"Do you love me or ?"

"I hate you!"

(Teehee! this preview thing suked, i know! Dont remind me!)
Guide by melikhan posted over a year ago
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Dylan Sprouse may be better known for his portrayal of smart alec twin Zack on The Suite Life on Deck, but there’s another thing in life he’s a bit more passionate about: ART!

JJJ exclusively caught up with the 18-year-old actor at Pair of Kings promotional shoot earlier this month and got to chatting about his artistic side. Check out what he had to share with us:

On his inspirations: “I like Goya a lot. He has this crazy dark style and I like that a lot. Kind of a zombie thing too. Joe Ledbetter is another and Hieronymus Bosch.”

On his famous zombie Pikachu: “The thought came across my mind where witnessing a Pokemon battle in real life would be pretty crazy. It would crazier if there were zombies.”

On if he’d ever sell his art: “Right now I’m doing it for fun. I guess if anyone offers to pay me for it, I would but really it’s all for fun.”

Check out more of Dylan’s art at SprouseArts.com and follow him on Twitter @sprousearts!
Review by melikhan posted over a year ago
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There are several ways to tell Cole & Dylan apart.
If you’re a new fan you’re probably often confused with photos, in movies, or TV shows…
So here we go :

Cole has bigger eyes while Dylan’s are more ‘football’ shaped.
Dylan looks older than Cole.
Dylan has freckles.
Cole is a little bit taller than Dylan.
Dylan looks stronger builded than Cole.
Cole has a dimple in his chin.
Dylan has some discolored skin on the left side of his face.
Dylan has two small moles on his neck.
Cole has two moles on his face : one on his chin and another just above it on the side of his face.
Dylan’s eyes greener than Cole’s.
They have a different smile.
Dylan has bigger front teeth.
Dylan has a longer face, while Cole has a round face.
Dylan parts his long hair on the left, Cole parts his hair on the right
Review by melikhan posted over a year ago
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Cole is friends with actor/model Dylan Patton.
Cole loves Chinese and Japanese food.
Cole participated in the Dunk Booth competition, but his team only got second place, in the Disney Channel Games.
Cole and Dylan are now doing seperate roles on TV shows and movies because they are beginning to look noticably different from each other.
Cole and Dylan appeared on “Entertainment Tonight” on July 7, 2006 to talk about how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are helping them promote their magizine “Code”.
Issue #1 of Sprouse Bros. CODE is going to be released on July 18th.
Cole and Dylan occasionally do a podcast on their official website.
Cole has a smaller build than his brother, Dylan, giving people the illusion that Dylan is fatter, but really, they are both quite thin.
Cole and his brother Dylan are currently in the process of editing a magazine called Sprouse Bros. CODE.
Cole’s nickname on the Disney Channel Games is The Conquerer.
Cole will be participating in the Disney Channel Games during the summer of 2006, as a member of the Blue Team.
Article by big-fat-meanie posted over a year ago
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Dylan and Cole want to figure out the girl brain and they have some love questions for readers of M magazine:

1. Help! I'm nervous about rejection. What's the best way to tell a girl I like her?

2. Girls always seem to go everywhere together, especially the bathroom! Why is that?!

3. I like to make jokes and pull pranks. But do girls think it's childish?

4. I'm starting to like my best girl friend as more than a friend. How do I let her know that I have crush on her, without losing our friendship?

5. What's the sweetest thing we can do for a girl on Valentine's Day?

Opinion by flower66 posted over a year ago
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TV's Zack and Cody pack their 'Suite Life' bags for the high seas
TV's Zack and Cody pack their 'Suite Life' bags for the high seas

By: Samantha Critchell, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

NEW YORK - Dylan and Cole Sprouse, better known to Disney TV fans as Zack and Cody Martin, are going to feel the breeze through their famously shaggy hair.

"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" series is moving its setting from a Boston hotel to a cruise ship. The new series has the guys and their rich female sidekick London all taking a semester at sea on her family's luxury liner, the SS Tipton.

The Sprouses, 16, have been teenage hair idols since the show premiered in 2005, spawning a trend among boys to grow their bangs and adopt a longer surfer style.

"Sometimes we notice people on the street who look like us," says Cole Sprouse in a phone interview. "Occasionally we see someone with the same hair. I don't know if they took it from us, but they've definitely got it."
Article by flower66 posted over a year ago
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cole and dylan

Did you know we created our own book series? In partnership with Simon Spotlight, we created Sprouse Bros. 47 R.O.N.I.N., a book series that follows the adventures of brothers Tom and Mitch Hearn. Tom and Mitch live in New York City with their father and their live-in butler. Aside from the luxurious townhouse they live in, the fourteen-year-old brothers lead pretty normal lives.
That is until they're attacked by a ninja on the subway platform and life as they know it begins to change forever! Slowly, the secrets that have been kept from them for years begin to emerge.

In just one day they learn their father and butler belong to a secret underground agency, R.O.N.I.N. (Rogue Operatives Network Inter-National), and that their father, who is away on business and hasn't called them in a week, could in fact be missing...or worse.

47 R.O.N.I.N : Episodes 1-6

Check out exclusive excerpts so you can see what all the excitement is about. And when we say excitement, we're talking crime-fighting, crazy ninja, disappearing Dad, and evil-uber-villian type excitement. Not your everyday stuff. But then, Tom and Mitch soon...
Opinion by flower66 posted over a year ago
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I was born 15 minutes before Cole, and I still use it to my advantage - hahaha. I love surfing, snowboarding, playing video games, walking my dog, Bubba, acting and pretty much anything that is fun to do. I'm not sure if you want to hear a funny story about Cole and me, but here's one anyway. One morning, our school was planting new trees. I was playing on them when our principal told everyone in our school not to. I broke a limb off a tree and I said that Cole did it. The next morning at assembly when all the kids were sitting down, they announced his name and he got into really big trouble. I let him take the blame for a while, but then I told the principal it was really me. So, I was beaten with a stick. Just kidding!!!
I was born in Arezzo, Italy - 15 minutes after Dylan - in a small hospital called Clinica Tanganeli. We were delivered by Senora Maggie, a midwife who had hand-delivered at least half the town since World War II.

I love animals. I'm really into superheroes. I love snowboarding. I'm very outgoing. I'm usually the hit of the parties. I like rock music. What I like in girls is a funny personality, not a crazy fan. I like a...