Cas opened the front door and carried Daphne over the doorstep. “You can put me down now” Daphne said.
“Shouldn’t I carry you into our bedroom?” Cas asked.
“I’m thirsty. I want to have a drink first” Daphne explained.
“Okay” Cas said and he put her down. She walked to the kitchen and Cas followed her. As she took a glass from the cupboard Cas came standing behind her. He lay her hair over her shoulder and kissed her neck.
Daphne groaned and turned around. Cas continued kissing her as his hands searched their way underneath the dress.
“Bring me to our bedroom” Daphne said breathless.
Cas threw her in his arms and raced to the bedroom. He put her down on her feet and zipped her dress down while Daphne unbuttoned his shirt and pants.
When they were both naked Cas carried her to the bed and lay her down. He looked at Daphne, not sure what to do next.
“What’s wrong, honey?” Daphne asked sweet.
“I, ehm,…I have to tell you something” Cas said nervous.
“What is it? You don’t have an STD, do you?” Daphne asked concerned.
“No” Cas said. “I…I’m not sure how…I’ve never done this before” he finished.
“What?” Daphne said, getting up.
“I don’t know how to do this. I’ve never been with women before” Cas said, too ashamed to look at her.
“Then what were you doing on that tape?” Daphne asked totally surprised.
“That was Meg. I’m not sure how you call it, but she took my penis in her mouth” Cas said turning red.
“She gave you a blow job?” Daphne asked with raised eyebrows.
“I guess” Cas said. “Are you angry now?”
“No, I’m not angry. Just disappointed” Daphne said sad. “I can’t sleep with you if you’re still a virgin”
“Why not?” Cas asked.
“I just can’t, okay?” Daphne snapped and Cas startled. She climbed out of bed and walked to the closet.
“What are you doing?” Cas wondered when Daphne got dressed.
“I can’t stay here” Daphne said. “I need some time alone. I need to think this through”
“Maybe I should go, then” Cas offered.
“No, you stay right where you are” Daphne said. “Don’t worry, I’ll come back”
And without any proper goodbye she opened the door and left.