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Opinion by ne0n_m0nkey posted over a year ago
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"Get outta here homeschooled!"
"Homeschooled freak!"
"You're just the Total Drama Cockroach!"
All those words kept floating in my head,while I was still writing this in the plane cargo.Maybe,later I will transform into the old me,but right now all I was thinking of was The money!MONEY!!!MONEY!!!MONEY!!!Wait a minute...What am I thinking?!Mother and father are right...This experience changed me...Urghhh I can't stop thinking of revenge!!What should I do?Should I just give away?Hang tight Ezekiel,you can do it bra!When I think that everyone on this show made friends except me...Izzy found Owen...Beth found Lindsay...Even Harold found the love of his life-Leshawna.And me?I'm just a nobody...Whereever I go,nobody wants to be my friend....Everytime I get kicked out first and right now i'm starting to turn into a monster.My hair is falling,my eyes are turning red...I feel so hungry...I haven't eaten in days...Is there no Love for Ezekiel?Why am I ment to be the person who is always hated...What's wrong with me...What?I'm not manipulative,but Heather still gets love.I'm not annoying,but Harold still gets love.I'm not scary,but Izzy still gets...