"Get outta here homeschooled!"
"Homeschooled freak!"
"You're just the Total Drama Cockroach!"
All those words kept floating in my head,while I was still writing this in the plane cargo.Maybe,later I will transform into the old me,but right now all I was thinking of was The money!MONEY!!!MONEY!!!MONEY!!!Wait a minute...What am I thinking?!Mother and father are right...This experience changed me...Urghhh I can't stop thinking of revenge!!What should I do?Should I just give away?Hang tight Ezekiel,you can do it bra!When I think that everyone on this show made friends except me...Izzy found Owen...Beth found Lindsay...Even Harold found the love of his life-Leshawna.And me?I'm just a nobody...Whereever I go,nobody wants to be my friend....Everytime I get kicked out first and right now i'm starting to turn into a monster.My hair is falling,my eyes are turning red...I feel so hungry...I haven't eaten in days...Is there no Love for Ezekiel?Why am I ment to be the person who is always hated...What's wrong with me...What?I'm not manipulative,but Heather still gets love.I'm not annoying,but Harold still gets love.I'm not scary,but Izzy still gets love.I'm plain normal.Whoah...The plane just got in a wrong postion..Again!I'm scared about living here!The rats are bitting my toes,so I can't sleep...I can't feel my legs...I'm cold,my hoodie is ripped and I lost my shoes.The only thing I have is my hat!Oh,my warm hat!How it reminds me of home!What the...NOOOO!!!The cargo just opened!I'm losing the plane!Hang on Ezekiel,you can do it!My hat!!!The only thing that reminded me of home!Curse you Chris McLean!!I swear I will get my revenge1watch out people!I swear I don't need love!All I need is revenge!!!
So,you swa this article i made explaining why Ezekiel got so mad at everyone!No love-no life!Ezekiel is one of the most hated campers for his sexist comment,but just because all the other guys are more loved than him,we don't notice that they make much more sexist comments than poor Zeke!Look with your heart-he needs love!