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Who is... Gustave Clifford?

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Gustave aged 19

Gustave is the son of Christian and Ariadne (Meyers) Clifford. And the grandson of Robert, Earl of Montrose and Sophia (Portly) Clifford.He's the younger brother of Henrietta.

Gustave wanted to live around the royal court, but, his mother Ariadne, preferred to live peacefully at the countryside.

His father Christian and his sister, visited the court often when Christian had business there.

Gustave is the heir of Christian, as the only son. Therefore when he were old enough he started to study astrology and mathematics, literature and art.

He looks like his father, with blue eyes and blonde hair. But he is also like his mother in many ways.
Gustave aged 8
Gustave aged 20 +
Gustave aged 17
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