The Tudors Picture Contest

NocKairu posted on Mar 21, 2012 at 05:31PM
If you are interested in participating, please read the rules first:
1) Every round has its central topic, you can add one picture per round.
2) Pictures have to be from the show, not any other movies.
3) Duplicates are not allowed. Don't vote for yourself. If I notice that you ask your friends to vote for you, you will be disqualified.
4) The winner gets props:
1st place – 3 props
2nd place – 2 props
3rd place – 1 prop

Best of the Best:
1st place – 10 props
2nd place – 7 props
3rd place – 5 props

Enjoy ;)

Round 1: Your Favourite Wife
Winner: _Tudors_Heir_

Round 2: Henry VIII of England
Winner: _Tudors_Heir_

Round 3: Anne Boleyn
Winner: YourNightmare

Round 4: Thomas Cromwell
Winner: thomascromwell

Round 5: Catherine of Aragon
Winner: Chomik_Melon

Round 6: Charles Brandon
Winner: KarinaCullen

Round 7: Princess Margaret Tudor
Winner: KarinaCullen

Round 8: Anne of Cleves

Round 9:

Round 10:
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<b>If you are interested in participating, please read the rules first:</b>
<br />
<b>1)</b> Every ro
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