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The vampire diaries
The vampire diaries
The Vampires
Paul, Nina and Ian
Nina and Ian
Paul and Ian
Paul, Nina, Candice, Kat and Ian
Ian n Nina
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The fans pick: Caroline and Klaus
Caroline and Klaus
Caroline and Tyler
The fans pick: Jenna
The fans pick: All.
Stefan always getting the main...
The fans pick: Delena
The fans pick: Delena
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The Vampire Diaries Wall

likey12 said …
i only went to the vampire diaries because I LOVE CLAIRE HOLT Posted 1 month ago
HFU commented…
uh well she is one gorgeous woman! -_- 15 days ago
HFU said …
@StefanLover102 n your other account @StefanLover101, I've seen your raging hatred towards Damon n Elena for a long time!!, u r barely a SE fan cause u spend 24/7 bashing DE!!, u've been adding polls over here regarding Stefan n Elena making it look like a SE fanclub when u already have one, u added such fucking despicable options regarding Damon when adding a fucking poll over here whereas he's dead right now in the show n your precious Stefan is alive!!! u went to the 'Delena' fanclub n posted Posted 1 month ago
HFU commented…
fucking comments on the wall!!! n now u posted such fucking disgusting pictures of Damon n DE especially on 'The Vampire Diaries' fan club like what the fucking hell!!!!! I bet u feel so relieved, comfortable n happy when u spread your hate towards Damon n Elena!!!| Like I told u before I wont jump with my snooty ass on the Stefan n Elena fanclub n disturb their fans who r already distraught about their couple!!! Don't even think for a second as if noone is noticing u or u can get away with this!!!!! Stop adding polls of Stelena n trying so hard to make it look like as it is their fanclub when it is The Vampire Diaries fanclub !!!!! People who read this PLEASE REPORT THIS PERSON or he's gonna keep doing this holy shit!!! 1 month ago
erikafong said …
please vote for ian and nina Posted 1 month ago
HFU commented…
Duh 1 month ago