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The fans pick: Stefan
The fans pick: Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder
What a stupid Question! No one can EVER replace Ian!!
The fans pick: Matt&Caroline
The fans pick: YES!!! (Duh)
YES!!! (Duh)
No bad idea its to much like twilight
The fans pick: No! I like that it's 'gonna be a TV show!
No! I like that it's 'gonna be...
Yes! The series isn't even...
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FlightofFantasy said …
I'm just gonna say it: Damon would hate being human. If he does end up taking the cure, I just see him coming to resent Elena and their boring, normal, human life. Posted 3 days ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
I agree, being human is definitely Stefan's thing 2 days ago
FlightofFantasy commented…
^ Yes! They're taking Stelena's happy ending and are trying to make it Delena's! Grrr 1 day ago
FlightofFantasy said …
I hope Elena takes the cure, becomes a human and runs off with Matt, and the two of them live a normal, human life away from all this mystical bullshit.
Sure, it'll mess up my Stelena endgame, but the way things are going, I don't think that's gonna happen, and I've always shipped Matt/Elena as a backup. :) Posted 11 days ago
san4 said …
Stefen and caroline were emotionless, comment what you think of coming story........

for me I think stefen will kill caroline and when his emotions will be back ......he will end his life because of guilty .

guilty of killing caroline.
guilty of his inability to express himself what he actually think about caroline................ Posted 1 month ago
teampetrova commented…
I think his emotions will be back when he finds out about his mother... And Caroline will probably die in some point. 1 month ago