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The fans pick: damon salvatore
damon salvatore
stefan salvatore
The fans pick: Yes they look alike
Yes they look alike
No katherine a vampire
The fans pick: No he will still be human
No he will still be human
yes he gonna turn into a...
The fans pick: Yes stefan is getting bad
Yes stefan is getting bad
No he still normal
The fans pick: cast member: nina dobrev
cast member: nina dobrev
friendship: caroline&elena&bonnie
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FlightofFantasy said …
Who called the TVD Red Wedding? *smugly raises hand* Posted 19 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
Doesn't matter. Damon will forever be elenas true love no matter what bullshit the writers pull on us. 19 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
Delena had the journey. And nothing the writers say or do can ever erase that. 19 days ago
FlightofFantasy commented…
^ What does Delena have to do with anything? I'm talking about the wedding. If you could see my face right now, you'd know that I'm very confused. 15 days ago
FlightofFantasy said …
I'm just gonna say it: Damon would hate being human. If he does end up taking the cure, I just see him coming to resent Elena and their boring, normal, human life. Posted 1 month ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
I agree, being human is definitely Stefan's thing 1 month ago
FlightofFantasy commented…
^ Yes! They're taking Stelena's happy ending and are trying to make it Delena's! Grrr 1 month ago
loveofdelena commented…
Right, because Elena was never treated like shit by her ex was she?? And she never fell for Damon despite everything that happened did she?? And she always planned for a human life with Stefan right?? Lol you SE fans , always seeing what you want to see, and not what's right in front of you. Delena were a done deal from the very beginning. 19 days ago
FlightofFantasy said …
I hope Elena takes the cure, becomes a human and runs off with Matt, and the two of them live a normal, human life away from all this mystical bullshit.
Sure, it'll mess up my Stelena endgame, but the way things are going, I don't think that's gonna happen, and I've always shipped Matt/Elena as a backup. :) Posted 1 month ago
loveofdelena commented…
Elena wouldn't look twice at Matt, she has Damon. And like it or not, damon is her true love, and twin flame. 19 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
And if she did do the unthinkable, he would be a rebound, nothing more. 19 days ago