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up69s2424 said …
Hello, I'm a student from England studying fandom culture. As a fan of Vampire Diaries myself, I have found that this show has a very supporting fan base. I would just like to ask what make you such a fan of this amazing show? how has it changed your life? What components of the show make it so popular in your eyes?
I would love to hear you answers to help with my research!

Thank you :)

Joanna x Posted 9 days ago
taliab commented…
Well Joanna X people like vampire things and they like mystery and the like romance and well lets just say this tv series has everything. 18 hours ago
taliab commented…
And it has not changed my life not one bit. 18 hours ago
Iceprincess0108 said …
I'm already bored of the heretics. Like.... Can we get back to the baby issue!?!?!! Posted 2 months ago
Bryanna319 commented…
Same 6 days ago
Ajres111 said …
I love season 7 I just don't get what the hell is going on with heretics wth is their problem Posted 3 months ago