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The Vampire Diaries Couples Question

Do you think Katherine and Stefan has a chance? They're my fave couple...

 katherine_kat posted over a year ago
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The Vampire Diaries Couples Answers

princesstia411 said:
Absolutely not. Not right now that is . Katherine's off doing god-knows-what , while Stefan's on a rampage trying to seek revenge with Klaus .Plus..I think Katherine been gave up her chances of being with Stefan when Stefan made it clear that he loved Elena and not Katherine. It's just that in some cases ...she wants him to know that her love for him was always real . So in my opinion ..I say no.
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posted over a year ago 
ABSOLUTELY!!! the writers know it! they just don't want to piss off the stelena fans, so they keep them apart!! i just don't see why they don't give them a chance, katherine is so well suited to stefan and i think they know this!! like delena, they are the perfect yin/yang.
loveofdelena posted over a year ago
dragon3 said:
Stefan and Katherine are a good couple but they willnot be together again.
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posted 12 months ago 
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