I'm not trying to start an even bigger war here, or anything, between Delena and Stelena, or the two ships' fans, but I've noticed a lot of hateful comments towards Stefan and Stelena. Yes, Delena fans, I'm talking about you. I'm not trying to attack or accuse you or anything, so please don't think I am, but I've seen comments like Stefan needs to die or things on the terms of that, and I'm sick of it! Do Stelena fans say they want Damon dead? No, we don't say that. And I know you're probably thinking, it's cause Damon's not only hot, but he rocks [or whatever], but there are actually fans on the spot who like Stefan and don't want him dead, and believe Stefan and Elena belong to each other.

I understand everyone has the right to their own opinions, their own tastes, etc. but please, please understand that other Stelena fans {maybe not all, but without naming anyone, I'll say there are a few SE fans} including myself don't like the hate comments. We try our hardest not to bash Delena, Damon, or Delena/Damon fans. And I'm 99% sure that there's rarely ever any Damon or Delena bashing; rather, only SE and Stefan fans defending theirselves or SE/Stefan. I swear I'm not trying to start anything here - I just felt like this should be out there. That way both Stelena and Delena fans are on the same page and there can be less arguements, and/or bashing.