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[DONE] The Vampire Diaries Challenge! [Countdown To 01.27.11]  DelenaLover 159 21143 over a year ago
the vampire diaries challenge contest  twilightlover73 7 829 over a year ago
This Or That  rokitchichi 157 4265 over a year ago
[Vampire Diaries ; Season 2 Quote Contest] OPEN!  MsJeremyGilbert 7 649 over a year ago
Describe Character Personality Contest  Radvile 10 916 over a year ago
wut if there was 3 choices  alessequinn 0 309 over a year ago
[Round 5 ; Vampire Diaries Couples Icon Contest] CLOSED!  MsJeremyGilbert 37 1382 over a year ago
[Round 5 ; Describe The Scene With a Song Contest] CLOSED!  MsJeremyGilbert 32 4173 over a year ago
Couples Picture Contest!!! (PART 2)  kathrinapetrova 17 2479 over a year ago
Kiss, Bite, Compel! ;)  rokitchichi 56 2219 over a year ago
Props and Play Music From Vampire Diaries!  chasingprops 0 454 over a year ago
Countdown to 6000 fans  allisoncarleton 107 1896 over a year ago
Fav Damon quote from episode(open)  kathrinapetrova 5 368 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Dictionary  kathrinapetrova 10 3263 over a year ago
"The Sacrifice" Predictions *Spoilerish... kinda. Spoilerish for Rose as well*  glossygirl125 4 414 over a year ago
Time Game  misulik58 143 3090 over a year ago
latest pic from  lovepop 0 189 over a year ago
latest pic from  lovepop 0 152 over a year ago
TVD Picture Contest  JDGT 191 23323 over a year ago
Time For A New Spot Look ; Suggestions? [OFFICALY CLOSED -- CONGRATS OLE & CULLENSISTERS --SPOT OWNER??  MsJeremyGilbert 30 760 over a year ago
Rate The Episodes Of S1! :)  Damon_Rocks 2 221 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Books  SHARRYY 0 222 over a year ago
Guess the Quote  kathrinapetrova 1 305 over a year ago
Song Contest!!! (Round 1)  kathrinapetrova 0 291 over a year ago
The "VS" game  HEA16 32 1124 over a year ago
UK air date for season 2 of the Vampire Diaries  Invisible-Tears 4 531 over a year ago
Countdown To 5000 Fans ♥  edwardsgirlxx 21 429 over a year ago
TVD Season2 *Dont read if it spoils it!*  StarrieNites 3 407 over a year ago
Screencap Contest!!! :) (Closed)  Damon_Rocks 69 5019 over a year ago
TVD Quote Contest ; closed!  CrazyFruittt 154 7809 over a year ago
"Vampire Diaries Game" or "Word Football"  misulik58 81 3588 over a year ago
What do you think of the new book?  mitchie19 0 341 over a year ago
Finish this sentence...  mitchie19 1 300 over a year ago
TVD FOTM [Fan of the Month]; June Nominations! [CLOSED!]  LoveLiesAndLust 15 550 over a year ago
One by one - Character elimination game [ROUND3]  yashar_safavi 632 11491 over a year ago
Best Song for The Couple Contest!(Round Two:Stefan&Elena)  gossipgirl95 20 749 over a year ago
[Round 14] Best word to describe contest!  Nibylandija 185 10762 over a year ago
VAMPIRE DIARIES fans birthdays :)  HEA16 48 1653 over a year ago
Favorite couples game! [Last couples: Stelena and Jalaric!]  angiii7 426 8879 over a year ago
Top 10 Scenes ♥ | Season 1  edwardsgirlxx 1 306 over a year ago
One Word Contest! :) (Closed)  Damon_Rocks 117 3925 over a year ago
(Fanmade) TVD Choice Awards!  Damon_Rocks 3 300 over a year ago
tv viewers between tvd and the gates in first episodes "pilot" in u.s.  mikethecat 0 299 over a year ago
One by one - Character elimination game [ROUND2]  yashar_safavi 655 10281 over a year ago
People with medals on TVD TV Spot :)  HEA16 33 1064 over a year ago
German Vampire Diaries Fans  SHARRYY 3 609 over a year ago
Random Discussions  HarperIslandFan 1 139 over a year ago
TVD Art!!!  Damon_Rocks 6 357 over a year ago
Why We Love "Damon"!  Damon_Rocks 3 242 over a year ago
Favorite characters  HEA16 17 729 over a year ago
Changing the spot motto......  laurik2007 22 1648 over a year ago
Season 1 Characters Game!  rokitchichi 9 340 over a year ago
TVD FOTM [Fan of the Month]; May Nominations! {CLOSED}  LoveLiesAndLust 16 776 over a year ago
For the Damon fans....  HEA16 11 454 over a year ago
Your Fave Top 5 :)  Damon_Rocks 20 557 over a year ago
Season 2 Summaries  VampireAcademy7 2 710 over a year ago
CAST'S TWITTER PAGES  HEA16 5 1805 over a year ago
katie cassidy as meredith will be in season 2  mikethecat 4 1018 over a year ago
What Are Your Fave Episodes?  Damon_Rocks 9 380 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Survey  EternalFlower 11 445 over a year ago
Name ONE reason why you love Stefan  HEA16 14 433 over a year ago
Your top vampires!!!  cr6zym0nkeyiz 30 1306 over a year ago
Stefan and Elena "Shipping Name"  HEA16 5 52714 over a year ago
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  VampireAcademy7 9 833 over a year ago
Who do you think is gonna die?  DaniKatZ 0 505 over a year ago
Countdown to 3000 fans!  HEA16 97 1352 over a year ago
If you like Tyler and haven't joined his spot, then please join! :) Link is here:)  katie15 0 168 over a year ago
One by one - Character elimination game  yashar_safavi 522 11991 over a year ago
1x18 "Under Control" Soundtrack  laurik2007 0 2793 over a year ago
dvd release on aug. 23,2010 (first season)  mikethecat 4 865 over a year ago
Next Episodes... !!!!  lewtam 4 562 over a year ago
The Vampire Diaries Faves! :)  Damon_Rocks 6 629 over a year ago
Fave Damon Quotes! :)  rokitchichi 3 2594 over a year ago
Chair & Delena Fan Club!(Chair is from Gossip Girl)  gossipgirl95 0 206 over a year ago
WHAT THE HELL??????????????  VampireAcademy7 4 383 over a year ago
katherine is Elena's Ancestor!  lewtam 0 688 over a year ago
books vs the show  addekislove 0 262 over a year ago
Who is pissed off about how we have to wait till March 25 for the nest TVD?  Asalvatore 11 621 over a year ago
wh is the man out of tomb at the end of show ??  mikethecat 1 337 over a year ago
storytime :)  CULLEN-HALE 3 567 over a year ago
I really want to see some Damon/Elena sparks anyone else?  ceraluv01 10 885 over a year ago
Is anyone a Damon Fan?  edwestwickfan2 18 907 over a year ago
melinda clarke  mikethecat 2 482 over a year ago
other vampire books  HEA16 57 2184 over a year ago
a vampire diaries picture hunt game  bazra 74 6333 over a year ago
Countdown to 2000 fans!  HEA16 168 2640 over a year ago
1x14 "Fool Me Once" Soundtrack  laurik2007 2 3484 over a year ago
For anyone whose read Eternal - Miranda and Zachary! join the club!  beccahalocullen 0 696 over a year ago
did anyone add me on youtube when i was robinmarian? i'm now beccahalocullen!  beccahalocullen 0 532 over a year ago
1x13 "Children of the Damned" Soundtrack  laurik2007 0 1535 over a year ago
weekly episode discussion...  g3u16 4 395 over a year ago
1x12 "Unpleasantville" Soundtrack  laurik2007 1 3647 over a year ago
official date of vamp diaries starting in UK  bazra 0 370 over a year ago
1x11 "Bloodlines" Soundtrack  laurik2007 0 4510 over a year ago
OMG! So excited!!!  kelseyy_atl 0 306 over a year ago
are you exciting next week new show on thursday(1/21/10) ?  mikethecat 2 738 over a year ago
Please reply to this.  kelseyy_atl 3 495 over a year ago
MERRY CHRISTMAS TVD FANS!  HEA16 3 323 over a year ago
New Vampire Diaries Club!!!!  ForsakenMoon19 0 440 over a year ago
Countdown to 1000 fans!  HEA16 137 3038 over a year ago