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JDGT posted on Aug 19, 2010 at 12:23PM
Hello,everybody!Hope you'd like this contest:)
Everyone can join this.I'll choose theme for each round and you'll post pictures here. Then in 3 days I'll make a pick to choose the winners.
First place - 5 props
Second place - 3 props
Third place - 1 prop

Let's start!

Round 1:Stefan Salvatore [winner: Darya96]
Round 2: Damon Salvatore [winner: Damon_Rocks]
Round 3: Elena Gilbert [winner: SunAngel]
Round 4: Caroline Forbes [winner: anima_bella]
Round 5: Damon and Elena [winner:willow96]
Round 6: Bonnie Bennett [winner: CullenSisters-X]
Round 7:Jeremy Gilbert [winner: willow96]
Round 8: Tyler Lockwood [winner:tvdabst]
Round 9: Katherine Pierce [winner:Damon_Rocks]

Round 10:Matt and Caroline [link

Round11: Lexi[now open]
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