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The Vampire Diaries Question

Can anybody tell me how many books are there? and their names

 ded99 posted over a year ago
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The Vampire Diaries Answers

Just_me_12 said:
There's 8 "The Vampire Diaries"-books available in stores right now. + There will be a new TVD-book out in 2012:

1: The Awakening.
2: The Struggle.
3: The Fury.
4: Dark Reunion.
5: The Return: Nightfall.
6: The Return: Shadow Souls.
7: The Return: Midnight.
8: The Hunters: Phantom.
9: The Hunters: Moonsong. (- Will be in stores March 13th 2012.)

Then there's the book series "Stefan's Diaries". - These books are about Stefan and Damon's past:

1: Origins.
2: Bloodlust.
3: The Craving,
4: The Ripper.

Hope it helps you :D...
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posted over a year ago 
nevenkastar posted over a year ago
can anybody tell the story also????is it a love story or something adventure???
Mr_twilight posted over a year ago
Yeah there's A LOT, -and you're welcome!! ;D
Just_me_12 posted over a year ago
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