Damon walked Elena away from the dance. Actually he was walking and kissing her at the same time. They reached the stairs on the football field and Damon clenched Elena’s butt and lifted her up.
“Damon, everyone can see us” Elena mumbled uneasy, while Damon’s hot and wet kisses made her body feel like it was set on fire. She gave up resisting and threw her arms around Damon’s neck. She turned around Damon and pushed him down. She sat on his lap and kissed him again.
She wanted to open his button-down, when she gasped and her eyes bulged.
“Elena!” Damon exclaimed. “Did I do something?” he asked concerned. Elena shook her head.
“There’s something in my back” she groaned.
Damon took a look and pulled out a syringe. He held it before his nose and sniffed. “Vervain” he said dark.
“They were aiming for you” Elena concluded. Damon didn’t answer, but looked up.
Veronica was watching from a distance, a crossbow aimed at him. Damon stood up and wanted to go to her, when Elena gripped his arm.
“Damon, please, don’t” she begged him.
“Why? She attacked you” Damon said furious.
“You don’t know what she might do. She could have a stake in her pocket. She probably does” Elena reasoned.
Damon looked back at the field, but Veronica was gone. “Well, I can’t do anything now” he mumbled. He looked at Elena. “If she ever tries to harm you again, I will kill her”
Elena knew there was no way of talking him out of it. “Let’s find Caroline” she suggested. “And go home”