Katherine was standing in front of Ric’s loft. She was practicing her speech and gathering her courage.
“Come on, Katherine” she told herself. “Just go in there and tell him you love him” She pushed the latch down and entered.
“Stefan?” she called.
“I’m in here” Stefan replied from out of the living room. Katherine walked further into the room. Stefan was standing against the closet. He was alone. “I didn’t expect you, but I’m glad you’re here”
“Really?” Katherine asked hopeful. She couched to restore herself. “There’s something I have to tell you”
“Funny, I have to tell you something too” Stefan said. “But you first”
Katherine swallowed and took Stefan’s hands in hers. “I love you, Stefan. I always have. I know I have had a lot of bed partners, but I have only loved you. I’m a liar and bitch and I’m selfish and you can’t trust me, but if I’m ever honest, it’s now. I love you, Stefan, and I know somewhere deep down, you still love me. The Stefan I met and fell in love with, is still in there. I know you love me”
“Katherine” Stefan said soft. He had to bring this carefully, but then Rebekah came barging in from out of the kitchen. She ran to Katherine and waved her hand before her eyes. A small, diamond ring adorned her right ring finger.
“Have you heard?” Rebekah asked beaming. “Stefan proposed to me”
Katherine let go of Stefan and looked at him shocked. She walked backwards, her chest going up and down.
“Katherine” Stefan repeated, but Katherine shook her head and turned around. She opened the door and left.