The door of the Grill opened and Matt saw Tyler sitting at the bar, kissing Veronica. Matt rolled his eyes and turned around to leave again, when Tyler blocked his way.
“Are you leaving already?” he asked surprised. “Don’t be so stupid, have a drink with us”
Matt glanced at the bar. “You mean with you and Veronica? Yeah, I think I’m going to pass” He wanted to leave, but Tyler gripped his arm. “Aahh!” Matt exclaimed and looked shocked at Tyler, but he didn’t let go.
“We have to talk. It’s about Caroline” he started. “I need you to tell her that I love her. This whole thing with Veronica isn’t real. I’m just spying on her, but Caroline doesn’t trust me anymore”
“Right she is” Matt said cold.
“Matt, you have to tell her to stay away from Klaus” Tyler insisted.
“Why would she go to Klaus?” Matt frowned.
“She wouldn’t, Klaus would go to her, he kidnapped her last night” Tyler answered. “I don’t know what he’s up to, but we can’t let him hurt her, Matt”
Matt nodded concerned. “Yeah…I’ll talk to her” he promised.