Damon looked pissed at Veronica while he pulled the vervained arrow out of his shoulder. He scribbled up and looked around to see if he recognized anyone. He didn’t. Veronica aimed her crossbow at him and fired again. Damon screamed, but managed to stay on his feet.
“What’s going on?” a familiar voice said agitated. Derek pushed some people aside and looked at Damon, who looked back betrayed.
Veronica handed the crossbow to Derek and her eyes still pinched on Damon she said: “Go ahead. Finish the job, Derek”
“What?” Derek asked confused.
“Kill him” Veronica said. “He killed Kelsey. She was your girlfriend’s sister”
Derek breathed heavy and aimed the crossbow at Damon, while he tried to keep his arm from shaking.
“I’m…sorry” he said with trembling voice.
“You don’t have to apologize” Veronica said cold. “He deserves what’s coming to him”
“I wasn’t apologizing to him” Derek started.
“What?” Veronica asked confused.
Derek turned to her and hit her in her face with the crossbow. The others were too stunned to do anything and so Derek grabbed Damon’s sleeve and pulled him out of the building.
“I’m sorry, Ronnie” Rachel said. “I didn’t mean to let them escape”
“That’s okay” Veronica replied while two guys helped her up. “They’ll come back. We have something they’ll want back”