It wasn’t until they were three blocks away before Derek braked and carefully looked at Damon. “Before you say anything, let me explain” he started. Damon still fell short of words and so Derek went ahead. “Veronica was Kelsey’s best friend. They met on college and she came visit Kelsey on daily basis. Since I was seeing Amber I had contact with Veronica, too. When Kelsey died Veronica came to this town for the funeral. She knew I was here and she contacted me. She said that if I really loved Amber I would do anything to kill the creature that killed her”
“Kelsey killed her” Damon snapped.
“Yes, but Stefan turned Amber” Derek explained. “Amber wouldn’t have died hadn’t she been a vampire and then Kelsey wouldn’t have gone to Stefan and you wouldn’t have killed her. Do you see the pattern here?”
“So, that’s why you introduced yourself as my new BFF?” Damon asked angry.
“No!” Derek exclaimed. “Yes” he added softly. He stroke his hair frustrated. “She convinced me that it was the right thing to do. She said it would be morally irresponsible if I’d sit back and do nothing”
“Then why did you turn against her?” Damon asked in disbelief. “Why are you here?”
“Because I realized she’s not going to make any exceptions” Derek said dark. “I’m a vampire, I’ll have to be eliminated”
“So, basically, you’re just trying to save your own ass” Damon replied.
“And saving yours in the process” Derek added. “Damon” he quickly said. “We have to go back”
“They have someone” Derek started cryptic. “She came barging in, she was upset. I think she wanted to kill as many people as possible. I don’t know how she found us, maybe Elena told her-”
“Who are you talking about?” Damon interrupted him.
Veronica had sent her minions away. She walked through one of the many aisles until she reached the door on the end. She pushed the latch down and pushed the door open.
In the center of the room there was a chair and on that chair someone was tied up. She was sitting with her back towards the door, so she didn’t see Veronica entering. She did, however, hear her high heels ticking on the floor as she walked to the chair. She came standing in front of her prisoner who looked up at her, terrified.
“So, Katherine” Veronica said cold and casual. “Where were we?”, before she shot an arrow at her.