Katherine was sitting on a chair. A row of small stakes pinched each arm to the arm-rests and a special kind of muzzle kept her mouth shut. The muzzle also had stakes, smaller than the arm stakes, and they pierced through Katherine’s jaws. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” Veronica said demeaning. “Actually, I’m not. You had this coming. You broke in here, you threatened me” She took a chair and put it down in front of Katherine. “Such a pity Derek chose the wrong side. If he hadn’t Damon Salvatore would be sitting next to you”
Katherine managed to produce a smirk.
“Oh, don’t be so smug” Veronica sniffed. “I’ll get to him. He’s the one that killed Kelsey. He will die a slow and painful death” she said, more to herself than to Katherine. She stood up and walked to a corner, where she picked up her cross-bow. “In the meantime” she said, while she aimed the crossbow at Katherine. “I have you to have fun with” and she fired.