Rebekah stormed downstairs into the sitting room where Elena was still sitting on the couch.
“What happened?” she asked worried when she saw Rebekah’s face. Rebekah didn’t answer, but raced to Elena, grabbed her neck and attacked her.
Elena screamed and Rebekah tightened her grip.
“Hey!” Damon shouted and he rushed to Rebekah. He grabbed her hair and swayed her into the room. He bit his wrist and held it against Elena’s lips.
“No” she groaned. “No vampire blood”
Damon pressed his wrist against her lips and forced her to drink. Elena’s neck healed and she relaxed.
Damon turned to Rebekah. “Get out”
“With pleasure” Rebekah said demeaning and she left the house.
“You okay?” Damon asked concerned, caressing Elena’s hair behind her ear. Elena nodded.
“Where were you? Why did you stay behind?” she wanted to know.
“There were a few things I needed to know” Damon answered vaguely.
“And do you know them now?” Elena continued.
“Some of it” Damon replied cryptic. “Let’s just say we’ve all been fooled by Veronica’s army. Her minions barge in our lives and we don’t even know it. Derek fooled me. Keith fooled Bonnie. Veronica fooled Tyler”
“Tyler…” Elena said soft. “Damon, there’s something you have to know about him”