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Fan fiction by HaleyDewit posted over a year ago
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Veronica ordered them to stop in front of a stake. In the center there was a big pole where they were being tied onto.
“Where’s Elena?” Damon begged to know.
“She’s with her brother” Veronica replied.
“Don’t hurt her. She’s sick” Damon appealed.
“She’s just a girl. It’s not her fault she’s the doppelganger. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’d sacrifice herself for her loved ones anytime” Stefan tried to reason with Veronica.
“Shut up, both of you. She’s responsible for Tyler’s transition to a hybrid. It’s a good thing he was the only hybrid ever created” Veronica commented. She looked up. “The sun’s about to come up. Enjoy what’s left of your undead life. Maybe you still have a few issues you need to sort out? Now would be the time”
Elena was locked up in the same cell as Jeremy. Jeremy was unconscious due to his injuries. Elena walked towards him and kneeled. She supported his back and tried to pull the arrow out.
Jeremy groaned and Elena’s eyes bulged. He couldn’t wake up now. Elena pulled herself together and jerked the arrow out of Jeremy’s shoulder. If Jeremy was waking...
Fan fiction by HaleyDewit posted over a year ago
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A couple of hours later Veronica unchained Damon. “Don’t even think about running” she said threatening. She opened the door and three of her minions appeared. They cuffed Damon’s hands and feet and when Damon looked up he saw Stefan, Katherine and Caroline were all chained onto each other. Veronica’s minions dragged Damon forward and chained him onto the rest.
“Now, walk” Veronica ordered. They wouldn’t move and thus Veronica nodded at one of her minions. He fired a bullet and Katherine screamed.
Stefan started moving, but Katherine, Caroline and Damon tried to stop him.
“Stefan, stand still. The sun’s about to come up” Caroline warned him.
Another bullet and another scream from Katherine.
“No, we have to do what Veronica says. She’ll keep shooting at Katherine” Stefan explained.
“It just hurts a little” Katherine groaned. “If we go outside, we’ll be dead”
Veronica sighed irritated. “Seems like you all need a little persuasion” she looked at one of her minions. “Get the door open”
Fan fiction by HaleyDewit posted over a year ago
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The door opened and Derek appeared. He gasped at the blood and the insides lying on the floor.
“What happened?” he asked difficult.
“Exactly what happens when you double cross me” Veronica shrugged. She walked past him to Jeremy’s cell. “Where’s Damon Salvatore?”
“They brought him to a private room, like you asked” Derek answered agitated. “Veronica, you need to call this off. What you’re doing is wrong”
Veronica turned to him. “You’d be very wise to shut up now” she said. She walked through a door at the end of the room, entering another one.
Damon was chained up and Charlene was guarding him.
“I’ll take it from here” Veronica said cold and Charlene left the room. She slapped Damon in the face. “Do you know who I am?”
“Well, I’m pretty sure you’re not Miss Congeniality” Damon replied sarcastic.
“You murdered my girlfriend Kelsey” Veronica hissed vengeful. “And now I’m going to kill you. But first I will make you suffer. You will never see your girlfriend again. I will kill your brother and your friends and when the cancer has killed Elena I will kill you”