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who of the caracter do you think really has to stay?  LindaV81 2 866 over a year ago
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Come on!  sonicamystar 2 384 over a year ago
The Vampire Diaries 5  fonda123 1 1500 over a year ago
uncle johns death *confused*  SweetVampira 1 1039 over a year ago
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Describe character  quinn13 1 1397 over a year ago
Whatever happened to Damon's crow?!?!  dynamics202 1 1338 over a year ago
Taruni Sachdev died in plane crash  neoshohagh 1 1329 over a year ago
TVD roleplay!  CREDDIECHANNY 1 1358 over a year ago
[NEW] TVD Crossover Icon Contest - CLOSED  KarinaCullen 1 913 over a year ago
Stop The Stelena/Delena Ship Wars  Cola020 1 612 over a year ago
Guess the quote game  twilightlover73 1 688 over a year ago
When did you first fall in love with Damon  vosjfpmgp 1 593 over a year ago
Major Deaths  xshaggy9x 1 427 over a year ago
TVD ICON, BANNER AND MOTO CONTENST (OPEN)  DustyMoonlight 1 560 over a year ago
Caroline is the best  MattStaton 1 470 over a year ago
What where they thinking?  fantastic_evie 1 766 over a year ago
Biting your girlfriend or boyfriend?  pauerbach 1 479 over a year ago
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UK air date for season 2 of the Vampire Diaries  Invisible-Tears 1 482 over a year ago
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CHECK OUT MY NEW CLUB!!!  ForsakenMoon19 1 242 over a year ago
the turning point  fanpire39 1 1183 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries  RTidwell 0 3295 over a year ago
~ ICON CONTEST ~Round 1  Anna_Franci 0 2313 over a year ago
Contest anyone?  iirebecca 0 1538 over a year ago
season 4 and 5  jbandhorselover 0 1144 over a year ago
PLEASE HELP!  nkuntz 0 605 over a year ago
Unpopular Ships: Weird,or unpopular TVD ships  luvprue1 0 1247 over a year ago
Damon salvatore's death. Please only D or and DE fans. :)  Miss_Nikstar 0 1916 over a year ago
Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 11 (Catch Me If You Can) Online [HD]  tellmewhwere 0 1928 over a year ago
Opinions on the Spin-off  DarkWhisper- 0 619 over a year ago
damons so hot  kbarley 0 776 over a year ago
Vampire diaries rp  Harpaw8 0 666 over a year ago
vampire diaries  emmylouwho 0 919 over a year ago
Forum Post like no other!  GospelRapper 0 699 over a year ago
Which The Vampire Diaries Character Am I?  queen-seli 0 811 over a year ago
BEST QUOTES FROM TVD SO FAR????  DamonElenaFan9 0 502 over a year ago
RPers to test Beta-Site  MsGreyTights 0 1011 over a year ago
The vampire diaries  danceprincess05 0 627 over a year ago
TVD Season 4 +Dragoncon  gongui34 0 504 over a year ago
Countdown 25 000 fans  Natbr 0 263 over a year ago
can't wait  casadjlight 0 668 over a year ago
Taruni Sachdev died in plane crash  neoshohagh 0 1734 over a year ago
It's funny how the people that hurt you the most are the ones who said they never would.  cheeery 0 683 over a year ago
does damon leave mystic falls?  delena-elemon 0 839 over a year ago
LIVE Stream Nikita Season 2 Episode 20 [2x20] Online FULL video FREE  fama12 0 5902 over a year ago
Caroline and Tyler  Mika2004 0 567 over a year ago
Did anyone feel bad for Sage?  Mika2004 0 634 over a year ago
vampire diaries chat  nikaitla 0 462 over a year ago
Picture Game  queen-seli 0 456 over a year ago
Totally Spellbound!  Ethansgirl 0 731 over a year ago
Anyone looking for random Roleplay?  Marie218 0 414 over a year ago
WHICH SEASON/EPISODE?  07ambryce 0 585 over a year ago
Stop The Stelena/Delena Ship Wars  Cola020 0 338 over a year ago
Free Music(Off Topic)  GospelRapper 0 334 over a year ago
Elena  elenagilbertfan 0 348 over a year ago
'The Reckoning' Reviews  SuckerForStefan 0 453 over a year ago
check this out!  marzza 0 177 over a year ago
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Guest Star David Gallagher  luisz9 0 816 over a year ago
What Do You Think Will Happen In Season 3???  Team_Kellan 0 469 over a year ago
Vicki Donovan: "You did this to me out of boredom?"  vosjfpmgp 0 535 over a year ago
Klaus and Bonnie  vosjfpmgp 0 779 over a year ago
♥ TVD Season 2 soundtrack ♥ (by episodes)  myau 0 3468 over a year ago
STELENA FANS MUST READ  Kat_Diaries49 0 637 over a year ago
Klaus' reaction to Elena still being alive?  vosjfpmgp 0 367 over a year ago
dalena 4ever  vosjfpmgp 0 418 over a year ago
Damon's emotions  20cosmogirl 0 1269 over a year ago
justin bieber  justin-lover810 0 328 over a year ago
Dont Read if you havent seen episode 17. Know thy Enemy.  TheChosenRQ 0 365 over a year ago
tvd episode 42 and 44  bussykussi 0 663 over a year ago
we want to see Bonnie's private life and house petition  AngelGirl1992 0 303 over a year ago
ian somerhalder at twitter  bussykussi 0 630 over a year ago
vote for vampire diaries !!!!!  tanistul 0 562 over a year ago
The song from last week  sarahsilverman 0 331 over a year ago
Craving More Paranormal?  ForsakenMoon19 0 562 over a year ago
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