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If you like Tyler and haven't joined his spot then please join! :) Link is here:)  katie15 0 495 over a year ago
Is damon a little too obsessd with finding katherine  sicelyarien 5 415 over a year ago
L.J.Smith - have you guys read the night world series???  S0ulsUnit3d 10 2215 over a year ago
Chair & Delena Fan Club!(Chair is from Gossip Girl)  gossipgirl95 0 376 over a year ago
Has any one read Shadow Souls yet??  svgirl 10 982 over a year ago
Twilight copppying Vampire Diaries  barts7 6 641 over a year ago
No Meredith???  Twilimpian 0 363 over a year ago
The Television Series  j1edwardcullen7 14 1345 over a year ago
do you think that elena and stefen will be back together?  lazylaurenxx 0 721 over a year ago
PaleyFest Vampire Diaries Event - March 6, 2010  deelynk 1 576 over a year ago
i love the books!  vamp2wolfgirl2 0 307 over a year ago
Where can i watch full episodes online?  Lindarose 1 912 over a year ago
Is there any way to watch TVD before is on CW ?  MissParanoia 1 477 over a year ago
For anyone whose read Eternal - Miranda and Zachary! join the club!  beccahalocullen 0 592 over a year ago
did anyone add me on youtube when i was robinmarian? i'm now beccahalocullen!  beccahalocullen 0 576 over a year ago
9 interesting things about Nina Dobrev  Victory18 2 646 over a year ago
Latest Episodes of Vampire Diaries will be out tomorrow in the Philippines  kriztinex23 0 1991 over a year ago
Watching the Vampire Diaries- try this out  Kellykoo1 1 400 over a year ago
I love Vampire Diaries  badcats10 8 1889 over a year ago
New Vampire Diaries Club!!!!  ForsakenMoon19 0 559 over a year ago
CHECK OUT MY NEW CLUB!!!  ForsakenMoon19 1 242 over a year ago
ATTENTION Vampire Diaries fans!!!  ForsakenMoon19 0 337 over a year ago
the turning point  fanpire39 1 1183 over a year ago
I've just become a vampire!  vampFANgina 0 1035 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Wiki  JParanoid 0 1236 over a year ago
First Episode of IKAV is Now Available!  catapop 0 531 over a year ago
World Premiere of “I Kissed a Vampire” event with Lucas Grabeel and Drew Seeley!  catapop 0 1862 over a year ago
Kayla Ewell on  EKCpr 0 442 over a year ago
Quotes from TVD  HEA16 0 1232 over a year ago
News ‘Bite’: Hot new info on the upcoming web-series ‘I Kissed A Vampire’ starring Lucas Grabeel & Drew Seeley!  catapop 3 1263 over a year ago
Quote Game  j1edwardcullen7 2 590 over a year ago
The Name Game  wild-bby 4 700 over a year ago
Come on!  sonicamystar 2 384 over a year ago