The Vampire Diaries Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer Game

twilightlover73 posted on Jul 03, 2011 at 06:48PM
So basically what you do is you ask a stupid fact-based question and the second person answers it in a stupid and/or funny way and asks the next question. This is amazing you get so many crazy and funny answers!
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over a year ago twilightlover73 said…
I'll start

Why did Ian Somerhalder decide to play Damon?
over a year ago DeeaAndreea said…
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Because he was bored

Why Elena wears her hair straight most of the time?
over a year ago i_heart_tvd said…
Because if she wears it curly bad things will happen.

Why is Caroline blonde?
over a year ago twilightlover73 said…
Because she thinks Tyler loves Blondes

Why did Tyler kiss Caroline?
over a year ago prettyqueen said…
because he thinks caroline is a hooker

Why did stefan choose elena instead of katherine
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over a year ago mrssalvatore6 said…
Because he wants to make Katherine jealous.

Why did Elena's parents die?
over a year ago DeeaAndreea said…
Because they want to.

Why vampires can eat and drink like humans?
over a year ago jensen_ian06 said…
because sometmes they get bored of drinking the same thing... blood...

why the tvd girls can't resist damon??
over a year ago DeeaAndreea said…
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Because Julie Plec told them.

Why is Damon Stefan's brother?
over a year ago vidvida said…
Bc he didnt want Barbie to be his sister so he picked Stefan

Why Damon and Stefan cant get along?
over a year ago qtpievy said…
cuz damons all for incest...and stefan isnt...

why does bonnie have curly hair?
over a year ago Rodayna said…
because Katerina Graham's hairstylist likes doing it that way

why did Elena choose stefan over Damon???
over a year ago bussykussi said…
Because she hasn't see Damon penis yet

Why is Tyler in love with Caroline?
over a year ago ILoveYouDelena said…
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Because she looks like Candice Accola

Why is Katherine so strong?
over a year ago vidvida said…
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Bc She always Drinks Energy Drinks

Why Damon And Stefan Are Both So Hot?
over a year ago ILoveYouDelena said…
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Because they got a sun burn

Why is Tyler a werewolf?
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over a year ago mrssalvatore6 said…
Because he wanted to be like Jacob Black.

Why does Bonnie hate Damon?
over a year ago vidvida said…
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Bc Damon has ate her Barbie

Why Does Elena Is Jeremy's Sister?
over a year ago katem373 said…
because it depressed her to live with a stupid human (john) and with a PMS bitchy vampire (isobel).

Why Klaus and Katherine don't make out?
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over a year ago TheDevilsDuches said…
Because Klaus is gay for Stefan

Why don't Elena and Damon just makeout already?
over a year ago prettyqueen said…
They're waiting for the next Leap Year!

Why can't Elena get enough of switching between Stefan and Demon every season?
over a year ago jnd93 said…
Because she doesn't want either of them to be bored for long periods of time.

Why is this small town in Virginia filled with so many attractive people?
over a year ago Any_SJ said…
Because if it wasn't, the show would be taking place elsewhere.

Why is Tayler Klaus' biatch?
over a year ago sfrias said…
Because if Tyler doesn't do the dirty work, Klaus will have to go through the horror of making friends.

why are all the witches and wizards african american?
over a year ago thisthat12 said…
Because Ester put a spell on them (Why really?)

Why did Klaus kill Carol?
over a year ago jasamfan23 said…
Because he wanted to.

Why are all the vampires on this show hot?
over a year ago jake_rose_4ever said…
Because Julie Plec knows how to choose them ;)

Why every Jeremy's girlfriend died?
over a year ago preskyla123 said…
Because he is cursed.

Why is Rebekah the only blonde Original SIBLING?
over a year ago Kitcatcmp said…
Because she bleaches her hair

Why didn't Elena want to be a vampire?
over a year ago TeamHybrid said…
Because she doesn't want to attract tourists on Halloween.

Why did Elena become so annoying?
over a year ago dreamer369 said…
Because she can no longer handle the attention of two hot guys.

Why can't Elena and Damon ever just stay together?