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Top 10 Vampire Diaries Moments

The Vampire Diaries 7x20 Extended Promo "Kill ‘Em All" (HD)

The Vampire Diaries 7x20 Promo "Kill ‘Em All" (HD)

multifandom | time of our lives

Stefan & Elena | stay with me Stefan

Stefan & Elena | Run

The Vampire Diaries - Not about angels

Stefan & Elena - Stefan dies AU [7x16] ღ

Stefan + Elena & Noah + Allie | I get to love you - PARALLELS ღ

Stefan & Elena - Home

... to make each day count.

Klaus and Caroline [Hope, Lust, Love] +7x14

Klaus & Caroline (+Camille) | Pacify Her

{Ripper}Stefan/Elena + {Future}Simon/Alisha I 'Your the same person.'

Elijah/Elena/Damon - I want to give you more

Klaus & Caroline || Wonderland

The Vampire Diaries 7x19 Promotional Photos

● beauty of a mask [TYC]

►MultiFandom ll Paper {w/Parlor}

▪ talk to me baby [+lostxgirlz]

✧ reforget [c/w GeekyLissa]

● Enzo & Bonnie ☓ Bullet Train [+7x06]

bad moon rising [TYC: round 3]

multifandom - change the world


intro; pulling my weight


● multijerks ; railroad track.

The Vampire Diaries 7x19 Extended Promo "Time, As a Symptom" (HD)

The Vampire Diaries 7x19 Promo "Time, As a Symptom" (HD)

The Vampire Diaries | Inside TVD: One Way or Another | The CW

Katherine & Elena | Lights [0.8k]

multicouples | apologize (+Forwood4Life)

►Dark!Multifandom || Hell Arrives [TIC]


Stefan & Rebekah // Just Give Me A Reason (AU)

Ripper Stefan || Monster

Multifandom | Monsters

Multifandom Fancy

♠Teen Idle♠ [Dedication]

►Hurricane | Multicouples Collab!

Another Love | multi-otps

Party Rock Anthem | The Vampire Diaries (collab)

Vampire Diaries c:

Beautiful kind of Pain | TVD [S6]

Multicouples | Afraid Collab [HBD Me!]

Multicouples Collab | I found [+xicarcaliix]

Gasoline ll Good Old Fashioned Villain ll Multifandom

Savages Trailer || The Vampire Diaries Style

-Starring Role Collab-