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♦ Rule The World [HBD SENI] (+Laure)

Multibadass || I'm Gonna Do My Thing {Collab}

►Let me come home

•Multicouples | Kiss me [Collab]

•Multicouples Collab | Say something

•Sad Multifandom | You can let go {mamc}

•Multifandom | Rule the World [+vconversev]

•Multicouples Collab | Stay {HBD to me}

•Multicouples | Can't pretend {+bvchaves}

● The Vampire Diaries | Beautiful Pain

Multifemale | Who run the world ? {HBD Mathilde}

Multifandom | Not being good enough [TOC]

● Freedom [+Fatima]

The Vampire Diaries 7x13 Promo "This Woman’s Work" (HD)

Multicouples collab | Fools [600+]

Multibromances | Soldier [FAFC]

Multicouples Birthday Collab #1 (A Drop In The Ocean)

Multicouples (Latch) || [HBD VIRGINIA]

Multicouples Birthday Collab #2 (Unbreakable)

Multibromances (See You Again)

Multicouples - Tears Of An Angel [TPLC]

Sad Multifandom - Couldn't Stop Caring [TSC]

Multifandom - No One's Here To Sleep [TSC]

Multibromances || Hold My Hand (for Jasmine)

Multicouples | Arms (You Pick I Vid) - [700+]

Multicouples || Sinners (You Pick I Vid) - [900+]

Can You Hold Me? - Experiments. [TOC]

Stefan and Damon | Silent Night

Caroline & Stefan ✘ "Your way is much more fun" {600 subs+}

[stefan&elena] if I say I can't do this any more...

some things last;

The Vampire Diaries | Inside: Postcards from the Edge | The CW

Damon and Elena - Until you come back to me (7x04)

Katherine & Elena | Kiss My Eyes

Damon & Elena | Yours Truly

Elena Gilbert | Colors

Buffy & Angel + Stefan & Katherine | Say Something

●Stefan x Elena - Incomplete

Stefan and Caroline ► Everything led back to you.

{Preview} ▶ Damon & Elena + Buffy & Angel | Change My Life

The Vampire Diaries | I'm Gonna Do My Thing

{P} Katherine & Elena | ULTRANumb

Katherine Pierce //Confident


Katherine & Dean || Bang bang [AU]

katherine pierce.

Worth It feat Katherine Pierce

► Katherine Pierce {hall of fame}

Katherine Pierce - Gimme more

MultiCharacter // Courtesy Call (HBD Ophélie)