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Kol Mikaelson CRACK (The Vampire Diaries+The Originals)

elena/damon/bonnie | pacify her

•multibitches l where them girls at

Multifandom l Do It Like A Dude [birthday collab];

multifandom l west coast;

●Warriors● [c/w MissTonight]

Battle Scars[collab]

Multi TVD/TO Pairings | Falls on Me

Top 10 Vampire Diaries Deaths

MultiFemale Collab; Undercover

Soldier on [TYS]

Dark! Stiles & Kai | Hell Arrives

Multifandom - Dreaming

Kill me [multifandom]

Friction [multifandom] (c\w Liberty Dream)

Katherine Pierce.

Damon Salvatore | Cancer [ FAS ]

Stefan & Elena | time

Birthday Collab | Shatter Me

Multifandom | Money ( collab ).

MultiFemale collab | Bitch I'm Madonna

► multifandom | a little party [100+ subs]

Multifemales collab | Bang My Head

Multicouples | Shut up and dance [HBD TO ME!]

► I hate U, I love U [ +Anya Barulya ]

multicouples collab

► multisexy | womanizer

► multifandom | ghost town

► multicouples | all I want for christmas is you

Katherine Pierce | Hey mama! {HBD Ann!}

► Katherine Pierce | Who run the world? [HBD Angelina!]

color the sky | multicouples (2013)

The Vampire Diaries (Kol) song spoof + crack

multicouples| as long as you love me (YPIV)

Damon + Bonnie Where are you now? (Happy BDay Saskia!)

Damon & Bonnie ᴴᴰ || When the darkness comes

sacrifice {damon & bonnie}

multi-bitches | do it like a dude

Multi-Bitches | Hey Baby

MultiBitches | Shove It (+Petrovasbite)

MultiBitches | Gucci Gucci

►MultiBitches | Whip My Hair [HBD TO ME :D♥ ]

►MultiBitches | No Hands (HBD SHELBY!♥)

MultiSexy | No Hands [+TheKG2002]

►MultiBitches || Hello

Multifandom | Bitch, I'm Madonna

Multibitches - Till The World Ends

►Multibitches | If U Seek Amy

Elena Gilbert [Flawless]

Goodbye My Lover(2x08)

Katherine Pierce - Secret Agent Movie [Crossover Trailer] 600+

Multisexy | Or Nah? [+Marti]

Multicouples | Armor [+masteroffate]

hecate | who is in control? [TMC]

● Who is Damon Salvatore ? (TRC)

"Kiss my Eyes and Lay me to..." Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce-Kiss My Eyes And Lay Me To Sleep

Katherine Pierce - Kiss~me {Made By Bya}

Katherine Pierce | Kiss me or Kill me

Big eyes, big lies.. | multicouples (ypiv - 3k subs)

The Vampire Diaries: Candice King Talks Season 8 and Caroline and Stefan's Relationship

Candice King of 'Vampire Diaries' at The CW Upfronts

CRACK The Vampire Diaries+The Originals

The Vampire Diaries 7x22 Sneak Peek #3 "Gods & Monsters" (HD) Season Finale

Champagne Multi Female Collab

multicharacter | 7 years

multifemale | she can get it

Rule the World || Multifandom Collab

Bitch I'm Madonna Multi-Female

►Damon+Bonnie | О нем

●AU● Damon + Elena {Ian + Nina} || 50 Shades Of Delena

● Katherine Pierce|| Not On Drugs {DWC}

● The Vampire Diaries || Bloopers season 1

cause we could be immortals. [COLLAB]

Bonnie and Enzo ✖ sтᴀʏ ᴡɪтн мᴇ [7.19]

Bonnie and Enzo - "He won't leave me." | 7x19 (TVD)

Multifandom ● Another one Bites the Dust

Enzo + Bonnie | Close Your Eyes [+7x19]

enzo & bonnie | beside you [7x19]

►Multifandom | (+little dedication)

Multifemale|| XxGlitterBugxX

► Elena Gilbrt : A Tribute

Katherine Pierce -- Red Lips // Read Discription

TVD Females -- Wonderland

Multifemale {Names in Description}

Damon Salvatore -- Revolution

Elena Gilbert--Partition-TVD

Katherine Pierce {Bubble Gum Bitch}

{{Multimale (TVD)}}

Kai and Klaus -- DNA

Valentine's Day Multicouples {Collab}

Can You Feel My Heart || Multi- Villain {+ Mickey & Mandy Milkovich}

Multi-Female Collab || Miss Jackson {+Vintage Misery & Xenchantedqueen}

Katherine + Elena || E.T. || AU

Serial killer || Multifandom (villain) collab

MultiBadass | Emperor's New Clothes [+Stydia Everlark]

Multi Couples | Powerful [+susannawaldorf & xFuenWeasleyx]

Multifandom | Serial Killer

Tragic Couples | Only Love [+Boobear bubba]