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Vampire Diaries - CW's five minute trailer!

The Vampire Diaries 2x01 "The Return" Sneak Peek (1)

Damon and Elena - Satellite Heart - The Vampire Diaries

blood brouthers trailer

Stefan/Katherine- When a Tornado Meets a Volcano

The Vampire Diaries Episode 4: Family Ties [Sneak Peek 2]

Damon and Elena - All You Wanted - The Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore- Hey baby drop it to the floor

Katherine Pierce from TVD- Who's that chick?

Katherine Pierce || I'm Rockstar ||


Stelena: Bumpy ride

The Vampire Diaries- Behind the scenes (Damon vampire look)

trailer blood brouthers


TVD- Like A G6

damon and elena

damon and elena

Damon Salvatore {Ian Somerhalder} Hot Mess

Damon Salvatore-Hot Mess

Episode two promo

Ian Somerhalder [Damon Salvatore] - Hot Mess

The Vampire Diaries- Behind the scenes with Candice Accola (part 2)

"Here without you, Babe "// Alaric & Jenna [2x21]

✻ Damon & Elena ✻ Just A Dream

Caroline Forbes (TVD) || Stand in the rain

Caroline Forbes { 202 } \\ Stand In The Rain\\

Caroline Forbes || Stand in the Rain ♥

damon & elena; a love story


episode 14 trailer

episode 15

I'm Only Human | Elena Gilbert

Jenna &' Elena || My Immortal [2x21] ♥

Katherine pierce // Behind these castle walls

Katherine Pierce // Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy

Katherine Pierce beautifule monster

Katherine Pierce | Born This Way

Katherine Pierce | Masquerade

Katherine Pierce- Got a secret, can you keep it?

Katherine Pierce-she can get it

Katherine Tribute ~ Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy, Katherine

kill or be killed

kill or be killed extended promo

season 1 episode 15

season 1 episode 17

season 1 episode 18

season 2 episode 5

season 2 episode 5

Stefan Salvatore [Disturbia]

The Fifties (TVD)

The Vampire Diaires- Only girl in the world

The Vampire Diaries || Just Dance

The Vampire Diaries- behind the scenes with Candice Accola

trailer season 2 episode 5





Animal ● The Vampire Diaries ●

• TVD Females ♥ Till The World Ends •

•Katherine Pierce•In the Dark•

► Katherine Pierce | Oh My God

Bonnie and Jeremy, It's all love

Bonnie Bennett ★MOST WANTED★

Bonnie Bennett II I'm a witch

Ching Ching Ching - Katherine Pierce [Collab]

damon & elena// shattered'

Damon and Elena - Hallelujah ♥ [TVD]

Damon and Elena - My Immortal

Damon Salvatore hot mess

Damon Salvatore ~ Tik Tok

Damon&Elena [Resistance]

Damon//Elena - Goodbye my almost lover...

Damon/Elena; Only Time


Elena Gilbert - - Popular

Elena Gilbert // I'm Only Human

elena gilbert only human

episode 13 trailer

Fall TV 2010 - 'Vampire Diaries" Part 1

final recap

Hello - GoodMorning ♦Nina Dobrev♦

Hey Baby Drop It To the Floor ; ♥ [Stefan Salvatore]

I Want You Tonight. // Katherine Pierce. & Stefan Salvatore


Ian Somerhalder doing the "Damon Dance" from Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder doing the Damon dance

It's Not My Time To Go // Katherine Pierce // The Vampire Diaries

K.Pierce | That girl's a genius Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh

Katherine + Caroline | Do It Like A Dude

Katherine - Clap Your Hands

katherine is killing for fun*

Katherine Pierce - Angeline *She is never gonna fade away*

katherine pierce - i'll be your commander

Katherine Pierce - She's a Genius

Katherine Pierce - Teeth


Katherine Pierce - Uprising

Katherine Pierce ApriL