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The Vampire Diaries 7x12 Extended Promo "Postcards from the Edge" (HD)

The Vampire Diaries 7x12 Promo "Postcards from the Edge" (HD)

Klaus & Caroline | Falling

multifandom; saturn

Kai Parker || Mad Hatter [HB AMNA!]

rule the world; kai parker

► Caroline Forbes | [Mad love]

●Caroline + Klaus || Lay Me Down

sorry | multicouples

dreams | multicouples collab [+katreem]

technicolour beat [multicouples]

flares | multifandom

over you | multicouples [HB LullabyProduction]

Stop The World | multicouples [Collab]

love me like you do | damon x elena [THC]

sweet dreams | mutlicouples

you set me on fire | multicouples [+xoxoOneLife]

two pieces | multicouples [You Pick I Vid]

he never really loved me | sad multifandom

this is the last time | multicouples

let's finish what we've started | birthday collab

i need to be free with you tonight | multicouples collab

multicouples || one heart/million voices [collab]

my true love | damon + elena

This is the start of something new || Klaroline

you ✘ damon + elena

I just can't shake him. || Delena

the rain | multicouples [collab]

klaus × caroline|b u l l e t t r a i n

Caroline Forbes & Valerie Tulle || Be More Obvious [AU]

Klaus and Caroline | If Only

Klaus & Caroline | AU

Klaus & Caroline || lovestory & wedding 💝

► Caroline Forbes {LONELY}

klaus x caroline; somebody like you

caroline forbes; never the one

stefan x caroline & alex x rosie; too close to love you

the vampire diaries || there's no magic in the world.

damon and elena; wildest dreams

tvd females; gasoline

Bonkai & Lumille-Hypnotic

Damon & Bonnie | Oceans (+7x10)

TVD [Стефан/Елена/Дэймон]

TVD Elena&Damon [Мгновения]

Multigirls {So cold}

Multifemale | This Is What Makes Us Girls

Bucky & Elena [Ruins]

The Vampire Diaries | Things We Lost in the Fire Scene | The CW

Stelena -- "Can't Get Over Us"

3х20... Stelena *** Are you seeing this?..