So these are some reviews I found on the album...

"Yeah they are pretty rad..i went to school with them.. :-) even then they were kinda well known for being good singers..."

"i love the veronicas so much coz they are great singers and they are very pritty and i also like all of their songs.i can even sing all of their songs evry singel one. it would be an honer to meet them or even just get photo with them and i might be able to do my dream coz i might be going to go to their concert. and i even have one hundred and twenty psters of them thatys how obcessed im am of jess and lisa.and dont forget i stil want to meet them.from brock mcewan-hill im from victora austrliabut i would like to live in l.A and live with jess and lisa but that will never happen.oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox"


"Damn, these girlz are good! What an awsome album. I really love it. I cryed, when I heard Speechless. I danced, when I heard 4ever. Buy it, if you wanna have a good time."

"I love their cd and I just can't get the tunes outta my head! My fav songs would be *when it all falls apart* and *everything im not*. Im not real sure about Mother Mother but everyting else is great. Top marks and i would recommend u guyz to try it out."

"Twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso have come a long way. At the age of just 21 they managed to release one of the best debut albums i've ever heard. Okay so their lyrics arent all that meaningful. But their tunes are catchy, their voices are soulfull and the album is packed with emotions. A great effort and a great musical fusion. This is something i would reccomend in an instant."

"i love this cd!!!!!1 i listen to it every day.the only song i dont like is mother mother but the rest i can relate to and love them trying to learn all the songs so i can sing them when i dont have the cd with me.if you like thei singles you will love the album."

"hey guys, this the best album I have so far and I don't think any other albums could ever beat it!! My fave song on the album would have to be secret, it is sooo cool!"

"Even though these girls have written easily over 100 songs with several producers. "The Secret Life of" is a quality but mixed result. They're main base "4ever" is a fantastic first single and "Everything I'm not" and "When it all falls apart" are good backups. However, after that it goes a little-pear shaped. Secret is a disaster, Speechless a saccharine ballad and the cover "Mother Mother" very strange and awful. The rest are hit and miss with "Leave me alone" a strong goodbye but others being moody and emotional. Sadly, the album overall is way too serious and needs to liven up."

"This CD is wonderful! I love every single song on the album and can relate to them all! I already can't wait until they're next album!! Buy this CD its great!"

So...what do you think of 'The Secret Life'? And be honest please!