After we were safely in Volterra I was pleased with who had joined us. But things never did settle down for what i had hoped for. All these long years of my life i never let anyone know who the hell i was besides Aro for he knew already but never spoke of it to anyone. My name is really Sulpicia but i never wanted them to know who i was. Sadly Kate regonzied me from years ago. So her first sentece to me was,"You are gifted Sulpicia?" I never wanted her to know but all of them hear her. So now i had to live with it but i wasn't answering to anyone. Marcus actually looked surprised AND even spoke to me,"Why would you never say that i always knew you looked familar to me." He never spoke again after that. So now i am Sulpicia big deal.
Many weeks later or i should say years i had for the first time met the Cullens. Somehow this happened they came here but i never really met them not counting the time we went to destroy an imoortal child but never did but besides then i never met them. I was speaking to Aro when Jane had come with them. Jane didn't even open her mouth when Alice had spoken,"this is not normal but i saw that Sulpicia and Aro were planning to come soon enough though you might not have known it but now you do. Reneesmee has not exposed us still to this day and she will speak for herself if you wish for her to do so." I looked at Alice and behind her i saw the child Renesme looking at me with wide eyes of terror.Reading the alarm on her face i spoke more to her then to the others,"Dear child i would not harm you. What a waste it would be for me to do so and also i value my life a lot." She smiled at the last part but never took her eyes off me like she wanted to show me something. After about i few seconds after my words Renesmee spoke to me,"Sulpicia will you let me show you my gift?" I nodded and stepped foward with me came Jane and Alec. Rensmeee reached out and put her hand on my cheek. As she did i saw something, I saw the first time she saw me then Bella telling her how dangerous i was and Carlisle telling her the story of him being with us and then finally she showed me how she respected me and wished for me now to harm her. She took her hand away and smiled. I understood what she wanted she wanted us to let her live. Just then Alice screamed of shock and Edward gasped I turned,"What is it Alice Edward?" At the same time both of them spoke in horror,"The children have come back to kill you all of us. We all have been senteced to die unless we fight!" Aro looked at Alice who showed him the vision releasing her hand Aro spoke,They will come for us all of us." I stared in horror at him. The immortal children have come back from the dead almost.